UNPLANNED Directors Shed Light on Pro-Life Movie’s Effect on Abortion Workers

UNPLANNED Directors Shed Light on Pro-Life Movie’s Effect on Abortion Workers

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

If you keep up with media news, chances are you’ve seen promotional material about the pro-life movie UNPLANNED, which features the true story of Abby Johnson, a former abortion worker.

The movie landed at the #4 spot opening weekend despite a temporary suspension of their Twitter account and dismal box office predictions. In the following weeks, filmmakers have taken their cause to the government sector both in D.C. and Canada to shed a light on its impact on abortion workers.

On a podcast with Pure Flix, the real-life Abby Johnson noted her aspirations in the pro-life movement. “We’re actually reaching into these clinics and trying to get their workers out… We’re trying to reach as many as we can because we really believe that the majority of people who work in the clinics actually don’t want to be there,” Johnson said

“The number of actual [abortion] workers who have reached out is 94,” said UNPLANNED co-director Chuck Konzelman while speaking before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee last week. “One percent of the abortion workers in the United States, after getting one look at them being portrayed on film… have decided to change their lives … and what they do for a living.”

In a previous interview with Movieguide®, the lead actress of UNPLANNED stated, “[UNPLANNED is] an opportunity for people to have a conversation about what’s really happening behind the scenes.” However, filmmakers were adamant that the movie isn’t rooted in judgment, rather hope for redemption and healing.

UNPLANNED director noted, “there are a number of pro-choice films currently in development in Hollywood. I will mention two.” He continued, “LET HER SPEAK…. to which Sandra Bullock is attached to star and THIS IS JANE being produced by Amazon Prime….” He then asked the D.C. officials, “is there any member of this committee [who would] like to go on record as saying they honestly expect either of those films will have trouble buying advertising on Google or otherwise? I think not because they won’t.” He concluded, saying, “ultimately the movie is [a] testament to the power of prayer.”

Filmmakers and entertainers on both sides of the topic are getting involved in the discussion. Actor Stephen Baldwin (THE LEAST OF THESE: THE GRAHAM STAINES STORY) called out his actor brother Alec Baldwin (30 ROCK, THE CAT IN THE HAT) for his support of the petition against the Georgia Anti-Abortion bill. Other celebrities like Kevin Sorbo, Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammar also haven’t shied away from expressing the need for supporting life.

The movie’s impact is significant.  Abortion workers are leaving their posts, audiences are better aware of how to pray, people are walking out of the theater with a greater reverence for life and even changing their stance entirely.

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