What Caused INSIDE OUT 2 to Crush its Box Office Debut?

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What Caused INSIDE OUT 2 to Crush its Box Office Debut?

By Movieguide® Contributor

INSIDE OUT 2 has given hope to the Hollywood box office curse.

Per Deadline, “The haul flies the Kelsey Mann-directed movie past the double century point at the domestic B.O. in its fifth day with $205.7M, making it the second-highest-grossing movie of 2024 YTD behind Dune: Part Two‘s $282.1M. Worldwide was $46M yesterday taking the global cume for Inside Out 2 to $380M.”

A part of Movieguide®’s review for the film reads:

INSIDE OUT 2 is a sequel to the popular, acclaimed 2015 animated comedy from Pixar and Disney. Riley, the young girl of the first movie, turns 13 and starts having teenage angst. She longs to join the champion varsity girls hockey team in high school. However, a bunch of new, unruly teenage emotions, led by Anxiety, has taken over the Control Room in Riley’s brain. In fact, Anxiety has forcibly banished Joy and her friends from the Control Room. Can Joy and her friends find their way back and fix the psychological damage Anxiety is inflicting on Riley?

INSIDE OUT 2 is a marvelous, family-friendly animated movie. The movie is delightful, funny, inventive, and heartwarming. It has many positive messages. For example, it promotes doing the right thing, controlling your emotions and not letting anxieties overcome your decision making. INSIDE OUT 2 also promotes kindness, friendship, repentance, and forgiveness. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children for scenes of peril and a large scary-looking but nonthreatening character. Unlike other recent animated movies, INSIDE OUT 2 doesn’t have any woke or politically correct content.

Director Kelsey Mann is grateful to have had the opportunity to lead the film because he felt “there was more story to tell.”

“At the end of the first film, Joy asked the audience a question. She says, ‘after all Riley is 12 now, what could happen?’ Well, I wanted to answer that question,” he explained.

Chief Creative Officer of Pixar, Pete Docter, was the director of the first INSIDE OUT.

Docter said that since 2015, INSIDE OUT has “continued to be part of the conversation.”

“We hear from people saying, ‘This movie changed the way I think about parenting,’ or ‘The way I understand my own existence’ and like, whoa, that’s pretty heavy for a cartoon — Maybe there’s more to be done with this world?” he added. “So, we tapped Kelsey Mann, who directed INSIDE OUT 2, to think along the lines of the first movie, but in a different direction.”

Walt Disney Studios executive VP of marketing, Martha Morris, described what he method was behind her marketing campaign.

“A lot of people have ingrained knowledge of the 2015 INSIDE OUT, so for us, it was much more about finding the thing that was new and relatable to as many people as possible across as many demographics as possible,” Morris told The Hollywood Reporter. “Everybody has turned 13, or will, and you’re going to be flooded with a whole new set of emotions.”

Movieguide® knows the reason for INSIDE OUT 2’s success is due to Pixar backing away from putting immoral content in the movies and instead focusing on family values.

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