WhatsApp Alternative ChatPray Encourages People to Pray for One Another

Photo from ChatPray App Website

WhatsApp Alternative ChatPray Encourages People to Pray for One Another

By Movieguide® Staff

As pandemic-related lockdowns continue into 2021, many people are looking for alternative ways to connect, both relationally and spiritually.

According to a survey sent out by the Soultime meditation app, people prayed more during the stressful COVID-19 season. Even so, many Christians were still unable to fellowship in the same way they did before the pandemic.

The creators of ChatPray look to create a new way for people to connect.

“ChatPray is a wonderful new way for Christians to support each other and to pray together. It’s new and another step in using technology to serve the church. I know the people behind it and will give it a try,” Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said.

Although ChatPray is similar to the messenger app Whatsapp, it does not consume and profit from user’s private data while still providing a quality way for people to encourage one another through prayer.

Soultime’s survey of over 500 people revealed that over 70% of respondents claimed that prayer from others would help their mental health. Furthermore, over 70% said they had prayed more during COVID.

ChatPray app is free and allows users to connect with family and friends for the specific purpose of praying. Along with normal messaging functions, ChatPray also implements a “pray” chat that will notify people in the conversation if someone is praying for their request. An additional feature allows users to keep a personal prayer journal that is private to that user.

The ChatPray app is available for iOS and Android.

Father Christopher Jamison Abbot, President of the English Benedictines, said: “Whether we pray often or rarely, the ChatPray App helps us to know we’re not alone. You’re in my thoughts and prayers, we say. This App shows we mean it.”