Why NICU Machines Gave DUDE DAD’s Taylor Calmus ‘Comfort’

Photo from Dude Dad’s Instagram

Why NICU Machines Gave DUDE DAD’s Taylor Calmus ‘Comfort’

By Movieguide® Contributor

DUDE DAD’s Taylor Calmus is sharing what his child’s time in the NICU has taught him about being a parent. 

Calmus’ fourth child, a boy named Kelso, initially struggled to breathe after he was born and needed to stay in the NICU. 

“When I first saw our baby in the NICU, attached to all these machines, it was terrifying,” Calmus explained in a recent Instagram video. “But now, the machines give me comfort, because I know as long as he has that, he’s getting the oxygen he needs.”

He continued, “All of these things together bring me comfort in knowing that he has what he needs until he can do it on his own. And then we can go home.”


Movieguide® previously reported on Kelso’s birth:

Taylor Calmus, known as DUDE DAD on YouTube, and wife Heidi recently announced the birth of their fourth child, son Kelso Calmus.  

Heidi Calmus went four days past her original due date. At approximately 12:13AM one morning, she realized it was go time and by 12:49AM she held Kelso in her arms.  

Shortly after, the doctors found that Kelso struggled to breathe on his own because he had inhaled meconium due to the rapid birth.  

“This is not how you picture you first hour of your baby being born,” Heidi said.  

The doctors decided to take the next step which would be to intubate Kelso. This immediately struck panic and worry into Taylor and Heidi.  

However, Taylor sat next to Kelso, gave him a pacifier that was in Kelso’s basinet and Kelso “went to town on it,” Taylor stated. 

The doctor’s then realized Kelso wasn’t struggling to breathe as much as they thought. Instead, they decided to keep Kelso on a less invasive machine, a CPAP.  

“He’s going to be fine. He just needs time to get his breathing right so he can do it on his own and then we’ll go home. But until then, we’ll just be with him and it’s going to be fine,” Taylor concluded in the video.