"The Real History of Obama’s Roots"

Content: +2 Moderately questionable elements.

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2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA is a documentary by conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza. Based on two of his books, the movie explores the family, historical, and political background of President Barack Obama. Dinesh uses statistics and interviews to show the research he’s done on Obama’s history. He reveals the socialist, anti-capitalist roots of Obama’s parents and the mentors that animate Obama’s worldview. Dinesh also shows us what could happen if America continues down the socialist path Obama is forging.

The cinematic quality of 2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA is very high. Many interesting shots show the poverty and political turmoil around the world. They help make the interviews fun to watch. At times, the movie jumps from one story to the next, but much information is covered because of this. The movie contains brief footage from the Middle East showing violent riots, including the burning of an American flag. There are also references to the multiple marriages and abusiveness of Obama’s screwy father from Kenya. Furthermore, the movie has a very strong moral, capitalist, patriotic worldview extolling American values. 2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA is important viewing for everyone concerned about the direction America’s headed.


(BBB, CapCapCap, ACACAC, PPP, V, N, AA, D, M) Very strong moral, free market capitalist, anti-socialist world, Moral/Biblical worldview with a very strong emphasis on American patriotism and American values; no foul language; brief depiction of footage from the Middle East showing violent riots and a burning of an American flag; no sexual content; naturalistic nudity showing upper male nudity from the slums of “Third World” world countries (a term invented by communists to attack America and the free market) as men play soccer outside; no depicted alcohol use but some references to Barack Obama, Sr.’s drunkenness; no smoking or use of drugs except for one quick picture of Obama smoking something; and, there is a moderate to heavy talk about racism and a bad fatherly role model for young Barack Obama, some references of Barack Senior’s abusiveness in his family and being remarried multiple times.

More Detail:

2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA is a documentary made by Ivy League Dartmouth graduate and conservative Christian pundit Dinesh D’Souza. It explores the historical and political background of President Barack Obama.

Dinesh is known as a Christian apologist, conservative pundit and scholar. The documentary is based on his books OBAMA’S AMERICA and THE ROOTS OF OBAMA’S RAGE. In the books and the movie, he criticizes Obama’s roots and background. He reveals Obama’s historical background with his family and his involvement in politics before he became president of the United States.

The documentary starts off by explaining Dinesh’s background and showing similar upbringings to Obama’s. Dinesh points out that Obama’s campaigns as president has been heavily reliant on the race issue in America, and Obama knew he could play that card. The documentary explores the historical and family background of Barack. For example, Dinesh delves into the history of Obama’s Kenyan father and his role in his son’s life.

President Obama’s father was a very abusive and neglectful father. He married multiple times to multiple wives and had multiple children with each of them. President Obama was born under Barack Senior’s second wife, Stanley Ann Dunham. After Obama’s father left them, Stanley Ann and young Obama moved to Jakarta, Indonesia and began anew. Dinesh continues to explore Obama’s early family history and meets his half-brother, George Obama. George has very contradictory views with the rest of his family. Unlike them, George is pro-colonialist rather than anti-colonialist.

Dinesh then moves on to Obama facing his father’s “ghost” and exploring the political values animating his father’s life. According to Dinesh, this began to swell a hatred of America in young Obama.

Dinesh then explores Obama’s “founding fathers,” as in the leading mentors throughout his life. These people include Frank Marshall Davis (a radical communist in Hawaii), Bill Ayers (the infamous communist anti-American terrorist), Edward Said (a strong anti-colonialist and anti-zionist), Roberto Unger (a Brazilian socialist), and Reverend Jeremiah Wright (a leading pastor and theologian in Black Liberation Theology, a Marxist interpretation of the Bible). Obama has close ties with all these men. They have influenced his worldview as well as his view of capitalism and American values.

As a half-black and half-white American, Obama knew he had a power over many Americans in his election. Dinesh explains the tricks that Obama used in his presidential election and his advantage over many candidates because of the historical civil rights accomplishment of being the first “black president.”

Dinesh also shows the audience the tactics and facts of how Obama is destroying America from within. He’s doing this by increasing the nation’s debt, reducing its nuclear arms, barring oil drilling and tapping into America’s natural resources through the EPA and other methods, and a poor foreign policy often favoring other countries. Thus, the movie also tries to answer the question, “If Obama wins a second term, where will we be in 2016?”

The cinematic quality of 2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA is very high. Many interesting shots show the poverty and political turmoil around the world. They help make the interviews fun to watch. At times, the movie seems jumpy from one story to the next, but a lot of information was covered because of that. The movie is more or less a companion to Dinesh’s two books. Dinesh used statistics and interviews to show the research he had done on Obama’s history. While there are some minor questionable elements such as brief rioting footage from the Middle East that includes the burning of an American flag, and a few references to Obama’s neglectful and abusive father, 2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA has a very strong moral, patriotic worldview supporting American values, including the values of economic liberty and free market capitalism. It also has a very strong anti-socialist worldview.

Socialists and Neo-Marxist/Leninist radicals like President Obama, his father, and his mentors helped create and foment the anti-colonialist fervor that shook developing continents like Africa, Latin America, and Asia. However, their radical politics have left many countries in those areas ravaged by tyrannical totalitarian governments full of national and international socialist despots. Just compare countries like North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Cuba with countries like post-war Germany, post-war Japan, and South Korea that adopted American, capitalist values rather than the tyrannical utopian ideals of the radical anti-capitalist left. The difference is stark but enlightening.

2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA is a documentary that everyone should watch. The content is that important, even though the structure could have been improved.