HIT & RUN: Episode 1.1: Hit and Run


What You Need To Know:

HIT & RUN is an attempted new spin on a mystery suspense series. Made in Israel and streaming on Netflix, the first episode follows Segev, a tour guide in Tel Aviv, whose happy life is turned upside down with his American wife, Danielle’s, sudden death. The episode opens with Segev getting stabbed in prison. Cut to three weeks ago when Danielle is killed by a hit and run driver. Some concerning and mysterious things come to light, including an adulterous affair and the possibility of a conspiracy.

The first episode of HIT & RUN isn’t worth watching. The series concept may be intriguing, but the quality isn’t. There is poor lighting in many scenes. In a couple places, the audio is either too loud or too out of sync with what’s going on in the story. In addition to the quality, the content is questionable at best. There is an adulterous bedroom scene, some explicit sexual nudity, strong bloody violence, and a high level of strong foul language. With all this in mind, there’s not much in HIT AND RUN to attract media-wise viewers.



Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Strong Romantic worldview where characters often do what they feel, but husband does try to find the people who murdered his wife by making it look like a hit and run accident

Foul Language:
19 obscenities (including 13 “f” words), two OMG profanities, and a reference to a female body part

Strong violence with some blood includes a prison fight occurs where someone is stabbed, a car accident results in a bleeding head, and man gets attacked in his home and ends up killing the assailant by snapping his neck

Depicted adulterous sex in one scene

Upper female nudity in one sex scene and upper male nudity when man goes back to bed with his wife

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
Two instances of smoking, but no drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
The main character is divorced and remarried, and there’s a moment when man’s daughter sings along with a raunchy song.

More Detail:

An air of mystery, deceit, and scandal that all begin with a simple misdemeanor and felony of a HIT & RUN. Set in downtown Tel Aviv, Israel, a local tour guide Segev finds his life in sheer turmoil when his American wife is suddenly struck by a car on her way to the airport for a dance audition in New York. However, by the end of the TV show, Segev is in jail getting shanked, and the purpose of the show is to show how he gets there.

The first episode, which shares the same title as the series, opens with Segev in jail as he’s ushered out for common time in the yard. He goes out just to get shanked by a couple inmates.

Cut to three weeks earlier. Segev and his daughter, Ella, are in a crowd watching Segev’s wife Danielle in her dance performance. He seems to be the happiest man in the world. However, it is revealed that Danielle is about to go to an audition in New York. Segev doesn’t like the idea, but, like a good modern husband, he supports Danielle’s career. n On the way to the airport, however, Danielle is struck and killed by a car.

Grief stricken, Segev asks a family member who works for the police to track down his wife’s killer. At the end of the episode, Segev is attacked in the middle of the night. Segev ends up killing the assailant in self-defense. However, when he arrives back with the police, the body has disappeared.

From a production standpoint, the quality of this episode is rather lackluster. There are many times when the audio is not only not in sync with the visuals, but the camera angles are sometimes awkward and shaky. In addition to that, the lighting in a good number of scenes is fair at best but rather poor for the most part. A little color grading would also go a long way.

Thematically, the worldview of HIT & RUN is very primal and romantic as characters generally let their emotions take hold of them and allow their emotions to be the primal motivations for making their decisions, as well as deciding what’s right and wrong. There are three instances of violent actions which usually result in a very bloody mess. The foul language in the show is vulgar, blasphemous and profane. There are also two instances of nudity in the episode. There’s an instance of upper male nudity of Segev as he joins his wife in bed. The second instance is upper female nudity as Segev’s wife, Danielle, engages in a sexual act with her male lover. With all this in mind, MOVIEGUIDE® doesn’t think media-wise viewers will want to watch the rest of this series.

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Movieguide® is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.