"Mommy’s Not Coming Back"

Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 is a horror movie prequel with a fresh storyline for first time viewers. After teenager Quinn Brenner losses her mother to cancer, she’s forced to take on the role of the mother caring for her younger brother while trying to maintain her dad’s happiness. She longs for her mother and tries to contact her through the spiritual world. She seeks out the help of a psychic named Elise. After what she thinks are many failed attempts, Quinn unwittingly comes in contact with an evil demon, who wants to take her soul. A car accident leaves Quinn with two broken legs, and the demon emerges at night to taunt her. Can Elise help Quinn get rid of the demon?

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 has an easy storyline to follow, with strong character development. It portrays some worthy moral values expressing the love and support of family. It also stresses good over evil, but it does so using pagan, occult beliefs. Thus, the psychic’s pagan rituals have more power than God or Jesus. The scary, occult elements make INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 unacceptable viewing.


(PaPaPa, OOO, FRFR, B, C, L, VV, M) Strong New Age pagan worldview with strong occult spiritual ideas, including a psychic uses pagan and occult rituals and supposed power to triumph over demonic evil, but Christianity and the Bible are never mentioned for redemption suggesting psychics have more power than God, but there is some light moral, redemptive promoting family and the power of love; two “a” words, one “f” word, one “b” word and one reference to close friends being called “lesbos” in a derogatory fashion; strong scary violence including girl being hit by a car with blood gashing from her head, scary demon with a haunting face throws teenage girl and wrecks her room, numerous scenes show demons large black feet from underneath the bed, intense demon with red eyes screaming and taunting the family, image of a dead woman who hung herself from a window, demon with no eyes displayed violently attacking teenage girl, girl possessed by demon hits her own father with a knife bringing blood to his nose; no sex; no nudity; no alcohol use; no smoking; and, a slightly dysfunctional family shows dad speaking to his children in a harsh tone from the pain caused by his wife’s death.

More Detail:

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3, a prequel set before the haunting of the Lambert family, carries a new storyline suitable for first time viewers. It focuses on a family desperate to rebuild their lives after the death of the mother.

The movie’s story centers on Quinn, a teenage girl, who longs to get in touch with her mother through the spiritual world. Unable to do it on her own, she seeks out the help of a psychic named Elise. Elise is a woman with strong morals, but she has no association to God or Christianity, making her motives questionable. After she meets Quinn, she refuses to help her after a past experience with the dead almost cost her life.

Quinn, weak and longing for her mother, continues to seek out her mom only to discover she has been targeted by a supernatural entity who preys on weak souls like hers. One day a demon appears in front of Quinn, causing her to lose site of her surroundings, and she’s hit front on by a car. She is rushed to the hospital for critical care where a horrific image of her bloody body is displayed. She survives the accident, but comes out with two broken legs, forcing her to rest in bed.

When nighttime falls, alone in her room, a restless demon begins to taunt Quinn’s soul. The demon launches Quinn around the room, bruising her frail body and periodically revealing his frightening face with deep red eyes and dark, black blood engulfing his skeletal body, an image any child would find disturbing. Her desperate father seeks out the help of the psychic Quinn tried to contact earlier in the movie. This time Elise agrees to help.

With the assistance of two corny ghost buster guys Quinn’s younger brother finds on the Internet, Elise decides to tackle the demon trying to take over Quinn’s body. Elise, Quinn’s father and the ghost hunters gather around Quinn summoning the spirit to let her soul go. During their seance, the psychic leaves her body and enters the world of the dead. She walks along chilling darkly lit hallways passing dead people, lost souls and demons with no eyes. She has a conversation with a dead woman standing in the rain who confesses she killed herself after life got too hard. As the psychic continues to walk along the hallway, she stumbles into a room where she’s greeted by her deceased husband. For the first time, a vulnerable side of Elise is shown as she longs to be near her husband again. Her joyful husband with the warm smile hands his wife a knife and tells her to kill herself. Elise takes the knife but instead stabs her husband, realizing he’s just an entity trying to fool her. This troublesome scene is not suitable for children while the husband’s body disguised as a demon spews blood into the air.

While her husband’s body crumbles, Elise rushes back to help Quinn. She finds the demon wrapped around Quinn’s frail body, caressing her in his gaunt frame. He takes a deep breath of Quinn’s soul, as the audience watches Quinn go lifeless. Just when we think Quinn’s life is over, Elise has one more idea. They must get in touch with her mother; only by pure love can evil be defeated.

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 portrays some worthy moral values expressing the love and support of a family. It also stresses good rising above evil, but it does so by using New Age, pagan, occult beliefs. Through spiritual practices, it implies demons lurk all around us, psychics possess more power than God or Jesus, and only by walking with the dead can one heal the wounds of lost loved ones. Despite its high production value, it uses deeply disturbing images of dead bodies and petrifying demons with no eyes covered in black blood. The scary, occult elements make INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 unacceptable viewing.

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