Content: -3 Excessive content and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

In MILK MONEY, 12-year-old Frank travels to the city with his two friends, hires a prostitute to undress for them, brings her home to meet his widowed father, and sets out to get the prostitute and his father married to each other. In an attempt to be a sensitive romantic comedy about prejudice and the difficulty of puberty, MILK MONEY is instead a tasteless, mundane platform for some politically correct views. It also contains offensive language, pornography, partial nudity, and an overwhelming ideology that is neither biblical nor practical.


(H, LL, V, S, N, AB, M) Humanism; 10 obscenities, 6 profanities, scatological humor, & numerous double-entendres; ritualistic-style murder described but not shown, fist fight, implied physical abuse of women, & a car chase ending in explosion (no fatalities); implied fornication, numerous frank discussions of anatomy & intercourse by adolescents & adults, main character is a prostitute, & boys use pornography; lead character regularly appears in tight dresses & boys solicite exposure of female breasts (with back to camera); brief mention of evolution as valid fact; and, theft by villains.

More Detail:

Set in the fictional, suburban, Midwestern town of Middleton, MILK MONEY asks the question: What would three boys need most in their lives while struggling with the undeniably confusing and frustrating time of puberty? Regrettably, the answer is: to see a naked women. Pooling their resources, they travel to the city to pay a prostitute to undress for them, which they achieve. When their bicycles are stolen, she gives them a ride home and meets the father of one of the boys. Wanting a replacement for a mother he never knew, one boy begins a campaign to get Dad and the prostitute married to each other.

MILK MONEY is a tasteless movie filled with erroneous and presumptuous ideas about what twelve-year-olds today are thinking. The filmmakers have tried to make a positive statement against prejudice and even attempt to discourage teenage sex. The end result is a father who, in the blink of an eye, will do just the opposite of his advice to his son and a prostitute who shows no emotional ill effects of a life she has lived for a decade. MILK MONEY is marred not only by foul language, pornography, partial nudity, and a hint at evolution as fact, but also by an ideology that is neither consistent, biblical nor practical.