"And So It Does"


What You Need To Know:

AND SO IT GOES tells the story of widower Oren Little, played by Michael Douglas. Oren must delay his retirement from the realty business when his estranged son turns up on his doorstep with his little granddaughter, Sarah. That’s because Oren’s irresponsible son is about to go to prison. Though initially hesitant to take responsibility for the girl, Oren warms up to her opening his long closed heart. Oren’s widowed neighbor, Leah, helps take care of Sarah. This leads to an unexpected second chance at love for Leah and Oren. Oren didn’t ever think he would need or want someone to love again, but the two females help change his heart and repair his broken family ties.

All in all, AND SO IT GOES is a fun, if predictable, movie for an older audience. It contains too much lewd dialogue and foul language to make it acceptable for a younger audience. Thankfully, the movie’s strong moral worldview contains themes of sacrifice, forgiveness and the need for positive family relationships. Movieguide® advises extreme caution and doesn’t recommend AND SO IT GOES for children.


(BB, C, Pa, FR, LL, V, SS, N, AA, DD, MM) Strong moral worldview where characters sacrifice their own desires for others, minor Christian elements are seen in brief mentions of prayer, a reference to the “miracle of life” and DUCK DYNASTY is portrayed in a positive light, marred by light false pagan elements in a whimsical reference to butterflies carrying a wish to “the great spirit” and the fact that a relationship between the two main characters starts out as mainly carnal; at least 32 obscenities and profanities, plus other crass language includes references to oral sex; light slapstick violence includes a man slipping and a dog being shot with a paintball; moderate sexual content includes candid conversation about sex, a post-fornication scene where the characters are seen partially clothed from the shoulders up, a dog violates a teddy bear, a reference is made to self-abuse; upper male nudity, lower male exposure is discussed but not depicted, and a woman in the background is seen walking around only in her underwear; alcohol is often consumed by the main character, and, before retiring to sleep with another character, a character chugs a bottle of wine; an old woman smokes constantly, a main character’s son is a recovering drug addict, a character’s estranged mother is also a drug addict; and, the main character is a notorious racist, a druggie talks about stealing to finance his addiction, and a man is very uncomfortable about a woman giving birth on his couch, but the whole process is discussed very candidly.

More Detail:

AND SO IT GOES follows the transformation of Michael Douglas playing Oren Little, a hard-nosed grouchy realtor who lives alone.

After his wife dies of cancer, Oren retreats to a small house as a temporary residence while he waits for his old house to be sold. Living alone in a temporary house lends itself to Oren’s tendency to be cantankerous and generally unpleasant. In his stage of life, he cares little what his neighbors might think of him. All he wants to do is sell his house and retire.

As he patiently waits for the right buyer, his estranged son Luke turns up to ask his father for a favor. Luke wants his father to look after Luke’s daughter, Sarah, while Luke’s in prison. Oren knows of his son’s past struggle with drugs and hasn’t forgiven him for his wild and rebellious adolescent years. So, taking care of his granddaughter, especially on the verge of selling his house and retiring, is out of the question.

A few days later Oren awakes to the sound of his son dropping off Sarah in his front yard. The commotion also brings Leah, Oren’s charming and beautiful next-door neighbor, to the yard, where she immediately accepts the child under her nurturing wings.

Over the next week, while Leah looks after Sarah, Oren tries to track down Sarah’s mother, intent on finding her to relieve himself of his responsibility to the child. When he does find the mother, a very unstable drug addict, Oren has a change of heart and begins to love and care for his granddaughter. When the real reason his son was imprisoned is revealed, Oren is spurred to fight for his family, but is it too late?

The acting in AND SO IT GOES is very good, but this is by no means one of Director Rob Reiner’s best. It does have enough humor to keep the audience’s attention and the Michael Douglas/Diane Keaton combo is sure to help those from the Baby Boomer generation reminisce on the movies of another era.

Regrettably, this movie is not in the least bit original and is sometimes excruciatingly predictable. That being said, the movie doesn’t even try to be either of those things. One can’t help but wonder, if instead of trying to make an autumn romance, the filmmaker should have focused on the much more compelling story about the father, son and granddaughter relationships.

Another negative feature of this movie is the all too candid discussions about sex, and a brief fornication scene is certainly unnecessary to create conflict between the two leads. In addition to these crassly themed conversations, there’s frequent profanity from multiple characters and a number of lesser obscenities often used in a comedic context.

All in all, AND SO IT GOES is a fun, if predictable, movie for an older audience. Younger generations probably won’t relate to the characters and it certainly isn’t an acceptable movie for kids.

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