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"Exposing the Tragedy of Animal Abuse"


What You Need To Know:

Based on a true story, THE DOG LOVER is about a young woman who goes undercover to expose a suspected puppy mill. Sara Gold poses as a college intern at the suspected puppy farm run by Daniel Holloway and his family. Eventually, Sara learns Daniel and his family are the good guys and their neighbors are the villains. However, footage from Sara’s cell phone is edited to make Daniel look bad. Daniel gets arrested for animal abuse, and his family turns against Sara. How can Sara correct this miscarriage of justice?

THE DOG LOVER is a family-friendly, PG-rated drama. Despite a limited budget, it’s nicely shot, with high production values, quality acting and a suspenseful storyline. The movie has a noble message giving parents the opportunity to educate children on animal abuse. It has a strong moral worldview encouraging people to do the right thing even when the odds seem stacked against them. Designed for families, THE DOG LOVER has no lewd content and light violence, but caution is advised for children who may be upset by sad images of abused dogs.


(BB, CC, L, V, A, D, M) Dominant moral worldview, girl goes undercover to expose a puppy mill and bring justice to abused dogs, girl commits to a dangerous task because it’s the right thing to do and rebukes greed, cruelty and revenge, plus some supporting Christian elements, including family prays before eating, girl makes a mistake and puts an innocent family in jeopardy of their reputation but asks for forgiveness and works hard to correct her mistake and bring the truth to the surface; two obscenities; light action violence depicts a father protecting his daughter hitting a vicious dog with a shovel to stop it, arrested man pushes and kicks police off him, boys kick dogs and throw dogs in a pen to fight with each other, with no blood shed but some images of sad abused animals in cages; no sexual content or promiscuity, one scene of young couple girl kissing each other after a date; no nudity; light alcohol use, with one image of a man having a beer; no smoking, but one scene of bad teenage boys chewing tobacco; and, light miscellaneous immorality includes lying, kidnapping, greed, and animal abuse but mostly rebuked.

More Detail:

Based on a true story, THE DOG LOVER tells the story of a young woman, who goes undercover to expose a suspected puppy mill. Rated PG, THE DOG LOVER is an enjoyable family drama with a positive moral worldview and a strong message about the need to expose and demolish puppy mills that abuse animals, but caution is advised for younger children.

Sara Gold, a young, fearless worker at the United Animal Protection Agency, is handpicked to pose as a college intern at a puppy farm run by a man named Dabiel Holloway. She works relentlessly to learn everything a vet student would need to know about dogs, taking careful steps not to blow her cover. When she arrives at the puppy farm, she’s immediately put to work, but as time passes she learns there is much more behind this tough man’s exterior.

Daniel, a committed husband, loves his wife, young daughter and older son, and lives for the puppies on his farm. He corrects Sara often, wanting her to be the best vet she can possibly be. Little does he know, each night Sara uploads footage she has filmed around the puppy mill to send to her boss at the UAPA. Sara becomes friendly with a local policewoman and meets up with her secretly to give updates about the puppy farm. Daniel has a shed in his back woods he keeps locked, which Sara is certain is filled with abused dogs.

One day after Daniel accidentally leaves the shed open, Sara sneaks inside only to find sick puppies Daniel is trying to bring back to health. Daniel’s wife walks in on Sara observing the puppies and informs her they need to be isolated so they won’t get the other dogs sick. This is when Sara learns Daniel’s puppy farm is nothing but a good family wrongly suspected of a horrible crime.

A few days later, Sara takes a run by the neighbor’s house where she runs into two hostile teenagers chewing tobacco ready to unleash a vicious dog on her. She sees a pen of abused dogs behind them, so Sara learns the neighbors are the ones carrying out the criminal animal abuse.

Sara meets up with the policewoman to bring the truth to surface. However, the policewoman sees Sara flirting with Daniel’s son in the parking lot and becomes convinced Sara has fallen in love with the boy and is trying to cover for the family. The next day the cruel neighbors unleash their vicious dog on Daniels’ daughter, but Daniel kills it with a shovel before it attacks her. Sara catches this footage where her co-worker back at the UAPA snags it and makes it public, editing out the little girl so it looks as if Daniel is abusing a dog for no reason.

When the footage goes viral, Daniel’s arrested and his puppies are taken away from him. Sara confesses she’s not a vet student and never meant to hurt Daniel’s family. The family she has grown so close to turns away from her, and Daniel’s son wants nothing to do with her anymore. Meanwhile, Sarah’s boss fires her, fearful she might tell the truth.

How can Sara turn around this awful turn of events and save Daniel and his family’s reputation?

THE DOG LOVER has a strong moral worldview with some supporting Christian elements extolling prayer, forgiveness, correcting mistakes, and doing the right thing. It has an uplifting positive ending with thought-provoking thematic elements. The movie shows how easily bad people can cover up the truth. It also brings the tragedy of animal abuse to light and how important it is that dog owners seek out good breeders when buying full-bred puppies. THE DOG LOVER is a good family drama, but caution is advised for younger children due to brief, relatively light foul language and some sad images of abused dogs.