Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

PARTY GIRL is a comedy revolving around the life of a diva, who party's in downtown New York by night and works as a blundering library clerk by day. She decides at some point that her life has to take on more meaning than just heavy partying. The story is oversimplified, and despite its cast of colorful characters, does not explore beyond the superficialities to make it really funny nor intelligent. Offensive language, alcohol abuse, male striptease, shoplifting, and homosexuality make PARTY GIRL questionable in its values and moral standards.


(H, Ho, LL, SS, A, D, M) Humanistic worldview where morality is based on one's self fulfillment including a pro-homosexual motif; 22 obscenities; partial nudity of a couple taking a shower together; strong alcohol abuse & dependency & drug smoking; recovering alcoholics smoking cigarettes as a substitute for drinking; and, shoplifting as a lifestyle.

More Detail:

PARTY GIRL is a comedy revolving around Mary, who is the diva of the party scene in downtown New York. She gets busted for illegally selling liquor and is bailed out by her godmother who works at a branch of the New York Public Library. Trying to prove to her godmother that she is more than just a party-goer, Mary convinces her godmother to hire her as a librarian clerk despite her godmother’s lack of faith in her. The tasks before her are overwhelming, and Mary makes one blunder after another. Ultimately, Mary faces her own personal challenge as to whether she can master the Dewey Decimal System and rise above her existence of a party diva.

While Mary and her co-stars make for colorful characters, from her falafel vendor boyfriend to her no-nonsense godmother, the film does not explore beyond its high-gloss superficialities. Like the clothes they wear and the parties they hang out at every night, PARTY GIRL does not give the audience anything deeper to engage them. In addition, offensive language, drinking, smoking, shoplifting, male striptease, and homosexuality punctuate the story to make it not only mildly irritating, but questionable for the discerning moviegoer.

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