STRANGER THINGS: Season 3: The Battle of the Starcourt

Season 1 Episode 8



(BB, C, LLL, VV):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
  Strong moral worldview with redemptive elements extols family, sacrifice, and people fighting evil, Satanism is mentioned as the reason a town is troubled, woman adopts a child, a boy tells a girl he loves her and wants to protect her, and parents protect and love their children;

Foul Language:
21 obscenities and 16 profanities with many GDs;

  Lots of strong violence includes multiple fistfights break out, evil monster attacks people, boy slaps younger girl across the face, two cars get into a crash, man shoots men with a machine gun, people are killed by a portal key that explodes, a series of firework explosions are used to attack the monster;

  No sex, but a teenage boy and girl kiss;

  No nudity;

Alcohol Use:
  None; Smoking and or Drug Use or Abuse:  No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
  Nothing else objectionable.

Episodes: Season Overview

1.17/4/2019Chapter 1: Suzie, Do You Copy?-2
1.27/4/2019Chapter 2: The Mall Rats-1
1.37/4/2019Chapter 3: The Case of The Missing Lifeguard-1
1.47/4/2019Chapter 4: The Sauna Test-2
1.57/4/2019Chapter 5: The Flayed-2
1.67/4/2019Chapter 6: E Pluribus Unum-2
1.77/4/2019Chapter 7: The Bite-2
1.87/4/2019The Battle of the Starcourt-2

More Detail:

In “The Battle of the Starcourt,” the Season 3 finale of STRANGER THINGS, Eleven and the other teenagers must destroy the Mind Flayer and close the interdimensional gate. Hopper, Joyce and Murray team up with the children in the mall to plan their attack. Erica and Dustin, who spent a majority of the season in the basement of the Russian headquarters, know the space. They instruct them on how to infiltrate it, giving them the blueprints Alexi left. Dustin, Erica, Steve, and Robin travel to the mountain top where Dustin has constructed a radio tower to reach the adults while they’re in the Russian headquarters. Meanwhile, Nancy, Will, Jonathan, Lucas, Max, and Eleven are trying to leave the Mall, but the Mind Flayer is on top of the glass ceiling.

The Season 3 finale of STRANGER THINGS is exciting and heart-wrenching. This episode is longer than the other Season 3 episodes, but viewers won’t mind. Happily, it has a strong moral worldview that extols family, sacrifice, and overcoming evil, though it’s marred by lots of gratuitous foul language and intense action violence.

Watch STRANGER THINGS: Season 3: The Battle of the Starcourt
Quality: - Content: -2
Watch STRANGER THINGS: Season 3: The Battle of the Starcourt
Quality: - Content: -2