STRANGER THINGS: Season 3: Chapter 7: The Bite

Season 1 Episode 7



(BB, O, Ho, LLL, VV, S, A, MM): Dominant Worldview and other Worldview Content/Elements:  Strong moral worldview overall of good versus evil as people fight a monster, a girl has telekinetic powers, plus a homosexual elements where girl talks about how she had a crush on a girl and not a guy;

Foul Language:
  24 obscenities (mostly “s” words) and 12 profanities (mostly GD), plus girl and boy are seen throwing up;

  Lots of strong violence depicting violence and blood, characters fight the monster who sucks people’s faces off, a girl shoots the monster, a man is shot to death in a crowd of people, a boy beaten up in the previous episode walks around with a black eye;

  A girl talks about how she had a crush on a girl, four subtle sexual jokes are made throughout, one man says that a man and a woman should just take their clothes off;

No nudity;

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use; Smoking and or Drug Use or Abuse:  A boy and girl are depicted hallucinating after being shot with a sedative; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
A group of teenagers break into a gas station to get rubbing alcohol and gauze.

Episodes: Season Overview

1.17/4/2019Chapter 1: Suzie, Do You Copy?-2
1.27/4/2019Chapter 2: The Mall Rats-1
1.37/4/2019Chapter 3: The Case of The Missing Lifeguard-1
1.47/4/2019Chapter 4: The Sauna Test-2
1.57/4/2019Chapter 5: The Flayed-2
1.67/4/2019Chapter 6: E Pluribus Unum-2
1.77/4/2019Chapter 7: The Bite-2
1.87/4/2019The Battle of the Starcourt-2

More Detail:

In “The Bite” episode of STRANGER THINGS, The Mind Flayer monster builds an army out of the infected people. Eleven sees with her powers that the Mind Flayer is coming. It infects Eleven’s leg, and the group must cut it out as Eleven is their only weapon against the monster. Meanwhile, Joyce, Hopper, Murray, and the Russian captive, Alexi, all must rush back to Hawkins where their children are in danger. Alexi is shot. Joyce, Hopper, and Murray must leave to save the children from the Russians. As this unfolds, Dustin, Erica, Steve, and Robin must all escape the Russians basement and manage to escape to the mall’s center. When will The Mind Flayer attack them?

“The Bite” is an exceptional episode of season three of STRANGER THINGS. It keeps viewers entertained and is fast-paced. The episode has a strong moral worldview, with multiple fight scenes. Due to the episode’s amount of strong foul language and strong violence, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution. “The Bite” also has a scene where a girl admits she had a lesbian crush on another girl.

Watch STRANGER THINGS: Season 3: Chapter 7: The Bite
Quality: - Content: -2
Watch STRANGER THINGS: Season 3: Chapter 7: The Bite
Quality: - Content: -2