"Marred Redemptive Content"

Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:

THE LUCKY ONE is based on a romantic Nicholas Sparks novel. In Iraq, a Marine named Logan finds a photo of a beautiful blonde. While stooping to pick it up, he just misses being killed by an explosion. Keeping the picture, Logan survives other incredible odds. He starts to believe the woman in the photo is a guiding angel. Logan finishes his military commitment. He decides to search for the woman. He wants to tell her she saved his life. He finds the woman, who is divorced with a son. Beth runs a dog training and boarding facility with her grandmother. Despite initial problems, Beth and Logan fall for one another. However, Beth’s mean ex-husband returns, causing problems.

THE LUCKY ONE contains some strong Christian content, but it’s marred by some steamy sex scenes. THE LUCKY ONE is as stereotypically romantic as a movie can be. The problem is there doesn’t seem to be a natural chemistry between the two lead actors, Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling. Overall, THE LUCKY ONE is what you might expect from a Nicholas Sparks movie, but the acting could be better. Extreme caution is advised.


(Ro, CC, FR, O, LL, VV, SS, N, AA, MM) Romantic worldview with Strong Christian comments about faith, references to God, talk about coming out of the darkness into the light, a church scene, positive comments about the church, church choir sings, talk about forgiveness, and villain seems to redeem himself at end, marred by Romantic elements of following fate, superstitious comments about a woman in a photo being a guardian angel, boy does magic tricks, and witches figurines appear on a birthday cake; 19 obscenities, three profanities, spitting in face; strong violence includes war scenes, man gets shot in war, man pulls a gun on another, hitting, fighting, woman slaps man, man grabs woman forcefully, policeman pats down man forcefully, character drowns while trying to save another character; strong sexual content includes multiple steamy sex scenes of an unmarried couple, including passionate kissing in a shower, where the lead couple undresses one another; upper male nudity, women in towel, see-thru clothing where you can see outlines of bras and bodies but no explicit shots; alcohol use and drunkenness; no smoking or drug use; and, strong miscellaneous immorality includes bad role models for children as the divorced father is aggressive and controlling, mother and father are separated, mentions of luck, blackmail, and jealousy.

More Detail:

THE LUCKY ONE is about Logan, a serious Marine who has found a picture of a beautiful woman and believes she’s his guiding angel. THE LUCKY ONE is another Nicholas Sparks romance with graphic sex scenes and some faith undertones.

While in the midst of battle, Logan finds a picture of a beautiful blonde, buried in the Iraqi sand. Flipping the picture over, Logan reads words of love that helps motivate him to move forward in the war. Keeping the picture, Logan survives incredible odds and starts to believe the woman in the picture is a guiding angel. After Logan gets done with his military commitment, he decides to search and find the woman in order to tell her she helped save his life.

Walking from Colorado to Louisiana with his dog, Logan finally meets the woman. . . Beth. Beth is running a dog training and boarding facility with her grandmother and son. Being divorced from a very controlling man, Keith Clayton, Beth finds it hard to trust people. So, when Logan enters her life, she believes he’s not there for the right reasons.

Leaving it up to her grandmother, Ellie, to get rid of Logan, she walks away, but Ellie decides instead to hire Logan. Hard working, polite and a gentleman, Logan does his best to help around the dog center. It’s not long, however, before he’s also helping with Beth’s son, Ben, and protecting the family from Keith, who still wants to control the family in a physically harmful way. It’s inevitable that Beth and Logan start to connect, though she has no knowledge that Logan has her picture. A graphic romantic affair ensues. As is the fashion in a Nicholas Sparks story, the two are bound together by lust.

Nicholas Sparks is known to be a Christian, but THE LUCKY ONE is marred by some steamy sex scenes. Elements in the movie point toward Christian faith, including going to church is shown in a positive light, forgiveness is extolled, and there are comments about characters having faith. Also, Ben’s mean father seems to redeem himself at the end. However, these elements are marred by Romantic elements and superstitious references to luck and a lucky photo where the woman in the photo is referred to as a guardian angel.

THE LUCKY ONE is as stereotypically romantic as a romance film can be, with the two lovebirds gazing at each other in a lovey-dovey fashion. Though this is the case, there doesn’t seem to be a natural chemistry between Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling. This seems partly due to the fact that Taylor looks older then Zac. Where Taylor seems to be over directed, Zac’s character has very little emotional change throughout the film. Mostly, a straight face and a blank stare is his most common attitude. Though Zac’s character is a serious soldier, it doesn’t create a dynamic character for the movie.

Stylistically, THE LUCKY ONE is filmed in warm lighting. This creates a beautiful atmosphere. Overall, THE LUCKY ONE is just what one might expect from a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. Even so, it needs to be improved with better acting from the two romantic leads.

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