Miserable, Messy, Disappointing, and Wrong-Headed

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© Baehr, 2016

Starring: Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx,
Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jason
Clarke, Richard Jenkins, James

Genre: Action/Adventure

Audience: Teenagers and adults

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 131 minutes

Distributor: Columbia Pictures/Sony
Pictures Entertainment

Director: Roland Emmerich

Executive Producer: Ute Emmerich, Channing Tatum,
Reid Carolin

Producer: Bradley J. Fischer, Harald
Kloser, James Vanderbilt,
Larry Franco, Laeta Kalogridis

Writer: James Vanderbilt

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Amy Pascal, Co-Chairman
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(PaPaPa, PCPCPC, CoCoCo, AbAbAb, AcapAcapAcap, LLL, VVV, SS, N, A, MM) Very strong pagan, politically correct, neo-Marxist, Anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, miserable worldview where bad is good and good is bad, so the Muslims in the Middle East are good and Christians, Republicans, and corporations are the enemies of the New World Order; 38 obscenities and 18 profanities; excessive action violence includes young girl gets hit by a gun and slapped, people shot at point blank range, bodies blown apart, people wounded with shards of glass in them, gunshots, gun battles, rocket launchers, explosions, American Secret Service, military all shot down by so-called Christian patriotic terrorists; one brief scene of man looking through a window at a man on top of woman in sexual context and brief sexual innuendo in another scene; upper male nudity; alcohol use; no smoking or illegal drugs; and, patriots are the bad guys, Christians are the bad guys, businessmen are bad guys, Republicans are the bad guys, president goes from being a pacifist to crazed killer.


In WHITE HOUSE DOWN, a capitol policeman in D.C. trying to get a job on the President’s security detail has to teach the pacifist president to use a weapon so they can stop a group of Christian, capitalist terrorists trying to kidnap the President and wage war against Muslims. WHITE HOUSE DOWN is a painful, miserable experience with clunky filmmaking, atrocious acting, stupid dialogue, and a ridiculous politically correct, propagandistic plot making Christians, Republicans, and businessmen the bad guys and Marxists and Muslims the good guys.


WHITE HOUSE DOWN is so bad in every respect that it makes OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN look like a masterpiece. At some points, the dialogue is so stupid that the audience laughed at the movie not with it. Plot holes abound, Anti-Christian attitudes abound. Clunky, miserable filmmaking abounds. If it didn’t sound racist, the name could be Django becomes President.

WHITE HOUSE DOWN opens with President James Sawyer, played by Jamie Foxx, pulling out troops and offering peace to the Muslims in the Middle East. The Republican Speaker of the House Eli Raphelson believes Sawyer is weakening America, and someone mentions the Speaker is just speaking for the “military industrial complex.”John Cale, played by Channing Tatum, is the bodyguard for the Speaker. To make up for missing his daughter’s talent show, he gets a friend inside the White House to get him a pass to bring his daughter and to interview for the Secret Service. He takes his daughter, who’s delighted, but the interview goes badly because John Cale has never stuck with anything in his life. However, while he and his daughter are touring the White House, ruthless mercenaries take over the building with help from the head of the Secret Service, Martin Walker. Special Agent Carol Finnerty, played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, says that the terrorists are made up of Christian, identity and capitalist terrorists and that they are at the top of the extremist list.

Anyway, after much shooting and killing and trying to capture the President, the President figures out how to use a gun and a rocket launcher to kill the enemies and become a bit of a Django. It turns out the Speaker has engineered all this to help the military industrial complex, and \that a lollipop sucking hacker is hacking into NORAD so that the Speaker can launch all of our missiles at the Arabs and Muslims and blow up the Middle East. The good news is that John Cale stops the Speaker just at the last moment.

The, the movie has several unsatisfying endings that hardly connect to each other. WHITE HOUSE DOWN makes OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN look like a masterpiece. In the screening, people were asking, where is Gerard Butler when we need him? The head villain leading the military industrial complex is never really seen, and it doesn’t become clear the Speaker is the villain until the very end. However, when you consider the defense contractor Lockheed only made $600 million last year but the federal government has become a trillion dollar black hole, the global one-world plot in WHITE HOUSE DOWN is absolutely absurd.

In other words, the filmmakers are blaming the wrong guys and doing it poorly. Their whole movie is nothing but globalist propaganda. In fact, the studio’s production notes actually mention that President Sawyer is working for “global community.” In case you didn’t get it, some of the bad guys are patriots and others are clearly Christian and have crosses of all types tattooed on their bodies. After killing off the Secret Service, it also becomes clear that the Secret Service, the NSA, the capitol police, and the FBI are all fools. The Christian terrorists aren’t much better.

The dialogue in WHITE HOUSE DOWN is clunky, the music is awful, and the acting is atrocious. WHITE HOUSE DOWN is a painful, miserable movie to watch. Instead of seeing WHITE HOUSE DOWN, get a copy of Gerard Butler and Antoine Fuqua’s OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN. Movies like WHITE HOUSE DOWN are slowly but surely extinguishing the torch of freedom in America and around the world. The movies of Director Roland Emmerich, who’s become a huge left-wing activist, have never been the same since he stopped working with Producer Dean Devlin.

In Brief:

WHITE HOUSE DOWN is one of the worst movies of the year. In the story, a policeman guarding the Republican Speaker of the House in Congress visits the White House to get a job protecting the pacifist President. While he and his daughter tour the White House, ruthless Christian mercenaries take over the building, with help from the head of the Secret Service. A female agent says the terrorists are made up of Christian, patriot, identity, and capitalist terrorists who are at the top of the extremist list. After much shooting and killing, the President figures out how to use a gun and a rocket launcher to kill the enemies. Evidently, the Speaker engineered the attack to help the military industrial complex which has been opposed to the President’s peace plans.

WHITE HOUSE DOWN is so bad it makes OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN look like a masterpiece. Often, the dialogue is so stupid the audience laughed at the movie. Plot holes abound. Atrocious acting abounds. Anti-Christian, politically correct attitudes abound. Clunky filmmaking abounds. WHITE HOUSE DOWN is a painful, miserable experience.