SMURFS, Here We Come!

SMURFS, Here We Come! 

Talking to the Cast of the Newest Smurf Movie 

By Evy Baehr, Executive Managing Editor

SMURFS, the little blue people that audiences have loved since the 70s, returns to the big screen April 7 in SMURFS:  THE LOST VILLAGE. This time, the filmmakers said it was important to produce characters that looked and felt like the original Smurfs, made by Pierre Culliford, who goes by Peyo.

Movieguide® had the opportunity to speak with the new cast of the voices of the adorable Smurfs, including Demi Lavato, who plays Smurfette, and Joe Manganiello, who plays Hefty.

Asking Demi about her interest in playing in another children’s film, she said, “I love kids, and I love being able to entertain them. My favorite is being at meet and greets from my concerts and having the little kids come up and some are dressed like Elsa. I also have a little sister, who’s much older now. It’s fun and it’s innocent. . . . It’s definitely happy and always positive.”

As far as Joe Manganiello’s interest in the movie, he said he’s loved the Smurfs from a young age.

“I love that each Smurf had his own little personality, and I thought that Ariel was so funny, you know, the cat. He’s so nasty. Actually, funny enough, in college drama school I had a professor who was from Peru, She was a Peru Vienne woman, who taught us rhythm and exploration. . . . She would scream at us and actually scream and hit kids and throw kids out, and she was intense, but if you started talking about the Smurfs, she would forget that she was mad at you, and just start going on and on about Brainy and Grandpa Smurf and Cat. So, it was this weird kind of out if you would bring up the Smurfs, and she would totally forget. If it made her happy, this is like the happiest franchise in the history of film!”

Demi talked about her take on Smurfette, the iconic female Smurf.

“It’s interesting for my character because she’s trying to figure out her purpose or as she calls it her ‘smurfose,’ and she’s trying to figure out her identity. . . It’s interesting how she figures it all out on her own journey.”

About hischaracter, Joe said, “He’s incredibly heroic and chivalrous, but he has this closet romantic side to him, which comes out over the course of the adventure, which is fun because there’s this duality to him that’s also endearing, but also inherently funny at certain moments.”

Will adults and children love this movie?

“Absolutely,”: Demi said, “but I think it also plays on several levels where I think that there’s jokes for kids, and then there’s also jokes for the adults, who are taking the kids to the movie or … who are going because they feel nostalgic about it. I think it works on several levels, which is what you really want from an animated movie.”

Having seen the finished product, Joe said, “I love it! It’s great! Are you kidding? I can’t wait to take my niece and nephew to go see it, I’m so excited. I’m on the board of trustees at Pittsburgh Children’s hospital, and I’ve worked with them for years. Sony is cool enough they’re going to send the Smurfs. . . to the hospital so they can see the kids in Pittsburgh, which is amazing. So, I get to bring them back home.

“It’s going to be so much fun!”

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