An Open Letter to God for 2020 in Hollywood

Photo courtesy of Debby Hudson via Unsplash

An Open Letter to God for 2020 in Hollywood

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Dear God,

With Christmas and the New Year rapidly approaching, it’s incredibly important that we praise You for all the work You’ve done this year in Hollywood.

This year brought many positive ventures in entertainment.

To start, the slew of faith-based movies that hit theaters left a profound impact on the year.

OVERCOMER taught audiences the power of forgiveness. BREAKTHROUGH showed that You are a God of miracles. UNPLANNED demonstrated that life matters and that You have the power to bring those You call to repentance.

It’s not just faith-based movies, though. Even secular-made movies continued to show many noteworthy Christian and biblical themes.

Movies like LION KING upheld the value of honoring one’s family. TOY STORY extolled marriage and loyalty. PLAYING WITH FIRE showed the value of adoption.

In addition to movies, many saw Your impact in Hollywood’s music industry.

Former “I Am a God” singer Kanye West came to know You as his personal Lord and Savior. In response to his newfound faith, he blessed listeners with an album titled, “Jesus Is King” and other artist projects that glorify Your name.

Carrie Underwood thanked You unashamedly at the CMAS. Country singer Lauren Alaina honored her late stepfather with a song that spoke to Your nature as a loving heavenly Father.

This last year also saw the birth of many new children and the union of many new covenant marriages of people in the public eye.

Even though You’ve accomplished so many things, we know there is a spiritual battle at hand.

People continue to profane Your holy name publicly. Evil distorts Your intention for families and the discernment required to know the difference between right and wrong.

However, none of this surprises You, O God.

As 2019 wraps up, I pray You would equip and encourage Your followers to dwell on the good, the true and the beautiful, in all areas of their lives (Phil. 4:8).

Remind us that we have the power to create only because You, the first Creator, gifted us with that ability. Help that fact to inspire us to create with more intentionality, more quality and concern for audiences around the globe.

Challenge us where we need to be challenged and affirm us where we need to be affirmed in new projects.

Bless us with the boldness to stand firm in the truth of Your word, no matter what the public might say against it.

Help us to be in the business of glorifying You above all else.

In Your name I pray,