Bethany Hamilton Shares Excitement After First ‘Surf Trip’ Since Birth of Her Third Son, Micah

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Bethany Hamilton Shares Excitement After First ‘Surf Trip’ Since Birth of Her Third Son, Micah

By MovieguideĀ® Staff

Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton shared that she is excited to surf again for the first time after giving birth to her third son, Micah.

“It feels soooooo good to be surfing! šŸ„²šŸ˜ƒšŸ„³ We just had a rad mini 1st surf trip after birthing my third son Micah! Great times with great people!” Hamilton wrote under an Instagram video of her surfing. “It’s been hard to get in the water much and even the gym. So I’m just thankful for any fun I can get in the waves! Mama still got it šŸ˜† I had low expectations and not much of a goal but just have some fun and enjoy surfing!”


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Hamilton, and her husband Adam Dirks, celebrated the birth of Micah in February.

The 31-year-old is candid about her story, which is told in the 2011 movie SOUL SURFER and BETHANY HAMILTON: UNSTOPPABLE, of how she lost her arm in a shark attack.

MovieguideĀ® previously reported:

MovieguideĀ® Award-Winning SOUL SURFER tells Hamilton’s story of losing her left arm in a shark attack at age 13. Now, the 31-year-old is raising her third son, Micah, whom she had in February, and said her “tricks and adaptations are getting better with each child.”

“Loving our lil Micah and looking forward to more life with him! Cheering on all you mommas out there grinding, loving and doing your best!” Hamilton said.

In a separate post, Hamilton confessed that balance is difficult to achieve with a new child.

“Mom life. Not always smiles. The balance. The ups and downs. The the most beautiful gift but also so incredibly challengingā€¦Sleep deprivation. They cry. They stretch us mentally and emotionally. I cry. But then they smile and coo and nurse sweetly,” Hamilton wrote.

However, Hamilton is grateful to God for the “challenge and joy” of raising children.

“Thankful for this life and the beauty of motherhood. Thankful for my family, friends, my husband and boys,” Hamilton wrote. “Grateful to God to have this beautiful challenge and joy.”