Family-Friendly BLUEY Tops Charts Again

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Family-Friendly BLUEY Tops Charts Again

By Movieguide® Contributor

The family-friendly kids’ show BLUEY has ranked as the most-watched streaming show on the Nielsen streaming charts.

For the week of April 29 to May 5, the show garnered a total of 1.181 million viewing minutes.

Deadline reported, “The new episodes that dropped the week prior surely gave it a boost, but BLUEY is a mainstay on this list, racking up over a billion minutes pretty frequently…BLUEY has been in the overall Top 10 for well over a year now, and this marks its fourth time at No. 1.”

The show’s popularity doesn’t come as a surprise, thanks to its uplifting and family-focused stories.

A description of the show reads:

This funny and honest look at modern family life celebrates how imaginative play helps shape healthy children. Australian blue heeler puppy Bluey has a boundless imagination and loves to turn daily life into playful adventures. She and little sister Bingo throw themselves into exploring their world, using gameplay to conquer their fears and try out adult roles. And they like nothing more than pulling their parents – particularly Dad – into their fun and games. Mum Chilli’s gone back to work and Dad Bandit juggles childcare with working from home. But though he might think he’s in charge, the girls are definitely calling the shots when it comes to playtime – and pretty much everything else! 

Movieguide® praised BLUEY’s “Strong moral worldview.” Episode 349 “The Sign” emphasized “trusting in a divine plan even when things don’t go your way.”

The show has announced new mini-episodes that will release next month for the 4th of July weekend.

“The first two episodes will also air on Disney Jr. and the Disney Channel that same day, with the additional five episodes rolling out as part of the networks’ Red, White, and Bluey marathon that will take place over the July 4th weekend,” Coming Soon reported.

The episodes will be from one to three minutes in length and “promise to highlight sweet and funny moments featuring the beloved characters Bluey and Bingo.”

Movieguide® previously reported on BLUEY’s success:

Recent BLUEY special “The Sign” is now the most-watched episode of the show on Disney+.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that the episode has racked up 10.4 million views worldwide in the week after its release, adding, “That’s the biggest tune-in for any BLUEY episode — or that of any other Disney Junior show — on Disney+.”

The massive recent success of BLUEY is no surprise. Variety called the children’s show “a smash hit on streaming,” reporting that it ranked “as the second most-streamed show of 2023 according to the Nielsen rankings, with 43.9 billion minutes viewed.”

BLUEY’S creator, Joe Brumm, has spoken about viewer’s emotional connections to certain episodes, telling Deadline, “Most of the episodes that have cut through with adults are based on something real.”

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