Candace Cameron Bure Reflects on Spring and New Life in Christ

Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram

Candace Cameron Bure Reflects on Spring and New Life in Christ

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Candace Cameron Bure shared her thoughts on spring from her book All Things New in a recent Instagram post.  

“Springtime is the best, isn’t it? Dead, brown things become alive and green! Flowers burst from the soil and color the landscape. Leaves fill the bare trees while birds sing songs from their branches…It’s a time of hope that better things are coming–that new life is on the way,” Bure read from the book. 

The Movieguide® award winner went on to share the similarities between new plant life that blooms in spring and what faith in God looks like. 

“It’s waking up each day realizing that the One who gives new life is giving new life to you. Like the rain in springtime refreshes the thirsty soil and nourishes the sleeping flowers below, He does the same thing for your heart and soul. His presence renews you, gives you new life and new hope.” Bure read.

Bure commented on all the rain Los Angeles had gotten recently. She stated, “The Lord is working overtime.” 

“With all the rain there is a sense of newness in the air when Spring rolls around, but when you know and believe in Jesus we can experience that same newness not just in the springtime, but EVERY DAY,” she captioned her Instagram post. “Romans 6:4 says, ‘Just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father, so we too might walk in newness of life.’”

Bure left her followers with a bit of encouragement, saying, “The good news is, in our lives here and now, we can walk in reconciliation with the Father because Christ LIVES. His mercies are new every morning and refreshes us like rain with the washing of His Word. I hope this brings encouragement to you today 💗.” 

Movieguide® previously reported on Bure: 

Siblings and veterans in the entertainment business Kirk Cameron and Candace Cameron Bure recently sat down on TAKEAWAYS to discuss the difference between joy and happiness.

The two actors, who are open and bold about their Christian faith, said that Joy that comes from the Lord looks a lot different than a worldly view of happiness.

“I think it’s good to define the difference between joy and happiness,” Candace Cameron Bure explained. “Joy is a goodness that comes from inside you, that sustains you when your circumstances around you are tough, are bad, when there are unhappy circumstances. Happiness is conditionally based.”

“Happiness means that the external things around you are going well, and that can change at any moment,” she added. “So it’s important when we talk about it, to know that there are many days that I may be unhappy because the things going on around me might not be great, but I still have joy inside of me because joy is never dependent upon my circumstances.”

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