Character in BROCKMIRE Comedy Series Says Horrific Things About Jesus

Character in BROCKMIRE Comedy Series Says Horrific Things About Jesus

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer 

Hank Azaria’s (NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, THE SIMPSONS) comedy series BROCKMIRE follows Jim Brockmire (Azaria) as he works for the MLB after a mental breakdown and sobriety issues. The show airs every Wednesday night on IFC and is in its junior season. Like many comedies these days, there are moments of lewd humor, but in one episode, Azaria’s character says a downright horrific thing about Jesus.

Faith Wire reported, “in this week’s episode of his IFC show…the 54-year-old actor’s character darkens the doors of a Catholic Church alongside his co-worker Gabby.” The pair quickly exit the church in the proceeding moments while having the following conversation.

Gaby: “Why did you bring up the Holocaust?”

Brokmire: “Well, the priest is the one who brought up a benevolent God. I thought that called for a rebuttal witness.”

Gabby: “No you called Jesus the mayor of Auschwitz.”

Brockmire: “Well, I don’t wanna work with some thin-skinned God who can’t handle a little criticism.”

The dialogue is offensive on so many levels, this article doesn’t have the capacity to tackle them all. In short, the dialogue in BROKMIRE is reprehensible. Jesus did endure criticism and obviously still continues to do so, but likening Jesus to one of the most horrific injustices in the past hundred years is a gross attack on the many faithful followers of Jesus who sacrificed their lives protecting the persecuted Jews during the Holocaust.

Earlier this year TBS released a blasphemous series about God called MIRACLE WORKERS. As of now, MIRACLE WORKERS will not be returning for a second season. Our God isn’t surprised by people disrespecting his name or character, but the fact that it still happens in a nation that’s supposedly majority Christian should bother us as believers.

If filmmakers, comedians, actors, writers or whoever want to make money off of slandering God, they may find any big audience they once had disappear.


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