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Fan-Created Lego Set Celebrates MR. ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD

Photo from Wiki Commons

Fan-Created Lego Set Celebrates MR. ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD

By Movieguide® Contributor

On the 20th anniversary of Mr. Rogers’ death, one devoted fan recreated the set of MR. ROGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD in Lego. 

“Each weekday, Fred Rogers would open the door to his ‘television home’ and sing ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor’ to everyone watching the show, whom he called his ‘television friends.’ As he took off his coat, put on his sweater, and swapped his loafers for sneakers, children and adults alike were put at ease by his friendly demeanor and disarming presence. Now you can relive all those memories with this Lego Ideas set!” the Lego Ideas page says. 

The set was developed by Lee University alumnus Matt Smith.

“It’s a BEAUTIFUL day in the neighborhood! The time has come to announce my newest lego project: a detailed recreation of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood! This set that I designed clocks in at 1,968 pieces to honor the 1968 premiere of Fred Rogers’ timeless show. Visit the following link to support the set; if it receives 10,000 votes, it could be made into a REAL Lego set!” Smith wrote on his personal Facebook page announcing the set.

The set comes loaded with easter eggs such as the iconic red sweater, the fish tank, – with fish food included – a moving trolley car, and the show’s famous Picture-Picture. 

The model includes minifigures for Fred Rogers, François Clemmons, Betty Aberlin, and Mr. McFeely. The set also includes microfigures and animals for King Friday, Henrietta, X the Owl, and Daniel Tiger. 

While the kit is not currently available in stores, with enough support on its Lego Ideas page, it could become available for purchase. 

Lego commented on the set: “Wow! By passing 5,000 supporters, you’ve made it into the upper ranks on LEGO Ideas. Since you’ve passed the halfway point, here’s another 6 months (182 days) to reach the final milestone of 10,000 supporters. Best of luck as you aim to finish your journey strong.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Mr. Rogers:  

Mr. Rogers captivated the hearts and minds of young audiences with his sing-song and optimistic attitude and his genuine love for people. 

Mr. Rogers always said that his love for others came from his devotion to God. 

“It’s a mistake to think that we have to be lovely to be loved by human beings or by God,” Rogers once said. 

That idea carried through to his work on the television screen. 

“The whole idea is to look at the television camera and present as much love as you possibly could to a person who might feel that he or she needs it. Human beings need to feel that they are lovable and capable of loving,” he said of his entertainment career. 

In addition to his his credentials as one of the most popular TV hosts in history, Mr. Rogers practiced what he preached off-screen. 

At the time of this writing, the set had nearly 7,000 supporters.

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