FIXER TO FABULOUS’ Jenny and Dave Marrs Sign Deal With Walmart For Furniture Collection

Photo from Jenny Marrs’ Instagram

FIXER TO FABULOUS’ Jenny and Dave Marrs Sign Deal With Walmart For Furniture Collection

By Movieguide® Contributor

FIXER TO FABULOUS stars Jenny and Dave Marrs recently signed an exclusive deal with Walmart to create a collection of outdoor furniture inspired by the couple’s design skills. 

“It really is a natural fit for our belief that everyone should have access to a beautiful home,” Jenny said of the decision to design their own furniture. 

She continued: “We have both been extremely hands-on in creating the product and the overall brand aesthetic. The furniture pieces are modeled after Dave’s original designs. I love to thoughtfully mix worn and new items to create a layered and timeless look in our home. I love handcrafted pieces that feel worn and well-loved because they tell a story.”

“We’ve spent countless hours designing, modifying and approving each product in the line, and we’re so excited to see it come to life,” Jenny added. “We believe a home is meant to be lived in, and the things within should be loved well. We set out to create pieces that will bring beauty into people’s homes in an accessible way. Walmart does an amazing job of curating assortments that are accessible and affordable to consumers nationwide.”

The couple also shared that pieces from the line will appear in upcoming episodes of FIXER TO FABULOUS and that they’ve enjoyed partnering with Walmart. 

“We love this partnership and look forward to many years to come,” the Marrs’ said. 

Movieguide® previously reported on another one of the Marrs’ business ventures: 

FIXER TO FABULOUS star Jenny Marrs just announced she and husband Dave are ready to open their new project. 

“Today’s the day! It’s finally time to open the doors of @thewelcomeinn_rogers and welcome our first official guests,” she captioned a photo of the pair standing in the open doorway. 

“Our prayer for this place is that it serves as a pause on the frantic pace of life and allows our guests to exhale deeply within these walls. Our hope for each and every stay here is that it be abundantly refreshing and joyful,” she continued. “We hope to see you at the Inn, friends!”

The Marrs’ started working on the Welcome Inn earlier this year, restoring the 1870s Arkansas house while cameras documented everything for FIXER TO FABULOUS: WELCOME INN. 

“What a ride this has been!” Jenny captioned a photo of Dave and one of their sons. “We are grateful for the way our community has jumped in to give us wisdom and guidance on this journey.”