Google to Update Docs to Add ‘Inclusive’ Auto-Correct Algorithm

Photo by Nathan Reboucas via Unsplash

Google to Update Docs to Add ‘Inclusive’ Auto-Correct Algorithm

By Movieguide® Staff

The parent company for Google, Alphabet, recently announced that the auto-correct algorithm for Google Docs will now offer corrections to words that are not “inclusive,” according to the Daily Mail

Reportedly, Google Docs will correct “exclusive” words to help users avoid gendered or offensive terms. For example, the update will change “mailman” or “chairman” to something like “mail carrier” or “chairperson.” 

At their I/O Developers Conference, Alphabet Inc’s Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said that the company would focus on social justice.

This isn’t the first time that Google rolled out progressive ideology in their technology.

In 2018, Google announced that its predictive text function in Gmail would undergo changes to stop suggesting sex-based pronouns like “he,” “her,” or “she.” 

“Google’s technology will not suggest gender-based pronouns because the risk is too high that its ‘Smart Compose’ technology might predict someone’s sex or gender identity incorrectly and offend users,” the company told Reuters in 2018.

In the past, potential rival companies have expressed their frustration with Google’s handling of its algorithms for different reasons. 

Movieguide® recently reported

Big tech’s crackdown on rival platforms is without precedent. However, alternative media will not go down without a fight.

Rumble, a streaming service alternative to YouTube, joined Parler in the fight for free speech media sites. 

On Jan. 11, Rumble sued Google in a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California’s San Jose Division. The video company alleged that the tech giant’s search algorithms violate antitrust laws and push traffic through YouTube and away from Rumble. 

“By unfairly rigging its search algorithms such that YouTube is the first-listed links ‘above the fold’ on its search results page, Google, through its search engine, was able to wrongfully divert massive traffic to YouTube, depriving Rumble of the additional traffic, users, uploads, brand awareness, and revenue it would have otherwise received,” the complaint reads.