Hallmark Rebrands Drama Channel to Focus on Faith and Family

Photo from Hallmark Drama’s Twitter

Hallmark Rebrands Drama Channel to Focus on Faith and Family

By Movieguide® Contributor

Hallmark’s drama channel is rebranding to feature stories about “faith, love, and community.”

“#Breaking Hallmark Media announced today that Hallmark Drama will become @Hallmark_Family on February 28. Continue to enjoy timeless storytelling for the whole family centered around faith, love, and community. #TCA24 #HallmarkMedia,” Hallmark Drama announced on Feb. 7.

While known for its feel-good, romantic flicks, Hallmark has made a few faith-centered movies in collaboration with its Christian subsidiary, DaySpring. MIRACLE IN BETHLEHEM, PA, THE BLESSING BRACELET and THE GIFT OF PEACE all came out in the last two years.

Christian actress and THE GIFT OF PEACE lead Nikki DeLoach chatted about Hallmark’s first faith-based movie with Southern Living.

“I think Brennan and I both feel so honored,” DeLoach said of her co-star, Brennan Elliott. “It’s the first collaboration with Dayspring. And they have been such a good partner in all of this. They come to faith in such a beautifully inclusive way. And to be a part of a movie, the first collaboration with Hallmark and Dayspring was a real honor.”

Elliot shared that the story is about spirituality rather than religion. It highlights the things that are most important.

“That isn’t [necessarily] going into a church and singing songs, or going to [a place for] whatever religion you’re in. It’s about heart. It’s about love. It’s about selflessness. It’s about friendship. It’s about caring for others over yourself or helping people through that,” he said.

Movieguide®’s review of THE GIFT OF PEACE reads:

THE GIFT OF PEACE, a drama on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, is about the true meaning of Christmas. It focuses on Traci and Michael’s journey of grief at Christmas. The movie begins with Traci working on her Christmas painting that is her first Christmas painting since her husband, Greg’s, passing two years ago. Joyce, her best friend and manager, suggests Traci join a grief support group at Grace Community Church to help her in her grief journey. While out visiting the community Christmas market, she runs into a widower named Michael. Traci tries going to the grief support group, but she’s lost her faith after her husband’s death. So, when the group begins to pray, she walks out. Will Traci regain her faith?

THE GIFT OF PEACE is a powerful redemptive movie. The characters are always trying to serve their community at Christmas. Together, they find their way back to the true meaning of Christmas. That said, the actors do a great showing that everything isn’t always neat and tidy. Media-wise viewers will find THE GIFT OF PEACE worthwhile viewing.

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