How Hobby Lobby CEO Defeats Greed and Finds Contentment in God

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How Hobby Lobby CEO Defeats Greed and Finds Contentment in God

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Hobby Lobby CEO David Green recently talked about how to overcome greed and find contentment in any circumstance with actor Kirk Cameron. 

Green revealed that the secret to defeating greed comes from understanding what motivates you. 

“Wrong motives may not produce much at all. God knows our motives, so we want to make sure we’re checking our heart and that we are pure in our motives,” Green said. 

Because he knows that money influences decisions, Green shared how he protects his company against greed when business is going well. 

“Well one scripture in the Bible talks about us being content. We have to ask ourselves ‘am I content?’ and if I’m not, then I’ve got a spiritual problem. Most of us have more stuff than we need, and more stuff is not going to make us happier,” Green explained. 

“We have a much better chance when God is blessing us,” he added. “I feel he blesses us when we are trying to walk with him and do the things he would want us to do even though we mess up more than we would like. We try to do his will and according to what his Word says.” 

Green exemplifies this principle through how he runs Hobby Lobby. 

As God blesses the chain and it continues to expand nationwide, Green is committed to giving away over half of the company’s profits to charities and other organizations. 

“God owns everything…We have a ministry that God has given us. We see our business strictly as a ministry and use it how God would have us,” Green said. 

While most people won’t head a major company, Green shared how every person can find contentment in anything they do. 

“Not everyone is going to be a CEO of a Hobby Lobby in their life, but I think our contentment comes from us fulfilling what God has for our life, wherever we are,” Green said. 

Movieguide® previously reported how Green’s faith helped make Hobby Lobby what it is today: 

The 80-year-old businessman recalled that he and his wife started the company with a $600 loan to make tiny frames in their basement in 1970. By 1972, they opened their first store, a 600-square-foot building that would kick start their empire of nearly 1,000 stores across the country…

“The toughest lessons we’ve learned is the fact that we need to know that this is God’s business,” he said. “We had to learn that. When we gave it to Him, we would see Him bless this business. I don’t know that we always knew that. We said it, most Christians say that, but we really had to learn that for real.”

“It is a paradigm change when you see your company belonging to God and that’s not because we say so, that’s because God’s word says so,” he added. “God says he owns everything so it’s a paradigm change and how you deal with your family, who owns the company, what you do with the finances, all of those things change once you get to not just saying God owns it but knowing God owns it.”

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