Jennifer Lopez: ‘God Has a Bigger Plan’

Photo via Jennifer Lopez Instagram

Jennifer Lopez: ‘God Has a Bigger Plan’

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s wedding plans are on hold, but she’s trusting God’s plan for the future.

Lopez appeared on the TODAY show and updated the hosts on the status of her planned nuptials since the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“Nobody knows,” she said. “There’s no planning right now. You just have to kind of wait and see how this all plays out. You know, it’s disappointing on one level.”

The actress added, “I’m a little heartbroken because we did have some great plans, but I’m also like, you know what, God has a bigger plan and we just have to wait and see. Maybe it’s going to be better? I have to believe that it will be.”

The multi-faceted star got engaged to former MLB player in March 2019.

The couple and their children have been quarantining together while waiting for the world to get back to a new normal.

Movieguide® previously reported how Lopez’s daughter, Emme Muñiz, is set to publish a children’s book.

The book, titled Lord Help Me, is about the power of prayer.

“I wrote this book to help raise money to save sloths while also teaching other children how we can pray and ask for help — two things that bring me a lot of comfort,” Muñiz said.

Lopez says she is a devout Catholic. However, her risqué lyrics and dance moves do not necessarily tell a faith story.

Movieguide® supports her decision to trust in the Lord, and prays that He will permeate every aspect of her life.

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