Jesse Hutch’s Christmas in July Message — It’s All About Jesus

Photo by Chris Schmitt for Movieguide®

Jesse Hutch’s Christmas in July Message — It’s All About Jesus

By Movieguide® Contributor

Great American Family star Jesse Hutch is getting in the Christmas spirit a little early, sharing what the holiday means to him. 

“For me, the Christmas spirit is actually the belief of Jesus Christ and scripture,” he said in a video posted to GAF’s Instagram account. “During the holiday season, in our family, that’s just another reason for us to focus not on ourselves, but on others.”

He continued, “I think Christmas is always a reminder of helping those around you and not necessarily always making it about you and separating your family from everyone. Always set time aside for others.”

The Teddy Award®-nominated actor stars in A CHRISTMAS BLESSING, which is re-airing as part of Great American Family’s Christmas in July event, as well as other holiday movies, such as LET IT SNOW, CHRISTMAS IN TOYLAND and B&B MERRY. 

Hutch has previously spoken about his commitment to being part of family-friendly, moral content. 

“There are no surprises,” the actor said of the romcoms he typically stars in. “My kids can just walk in on [these movies] at any time. And we’re not going to have this crazy deep conversation about something that we’re not ready for yet.”

This conviction has led Hutch to walk out of auditions, as well as have offers of roles rescinded after he made his feelings clear. 

“There’s some projects, of course, that just really push the envelope,” he explained. “And I’m not interested in any of that. There’s been a couple of times where I thought, ‘Would my career have gone a different direction?’ Absolutely. Do I regret it? No.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Hutch’s love of making Christmas movies:

A CHRISTMAS BLESSING stars Jesse Hutch and James Tupper told Movieguide® why they love Christmas movies and creating uplifting entertainment. 

“It’s the funnest,” Hutch said of performing in Christmas movies. “To be in something that my kids can watch, that my family can watch, my grandmother can watch, I mean, that’s fantastic.” 

“I really love the idea that…if you can do a Christmas movie every year, I mean, it’s just gonna keep coming back. And that’s pretty cool. It’s like a fashion trend, except it comes around a lot more,” he told Movieguide®.

Hutch shared his thoughts on the recent success of moral content in Hollywood with the Washington Times, saying, “I think there is this message of hope that’s going around in film and television, and people are catching it and they’re seeing it, and they’re witnessing it.”

“There’s definitely people who are making uplifting content, and I think it’s surprising people [that] it’s doing well, it’s selling movie tickets, it’s bringing people to the theaters,” he continued. “You have these in-person discussions with people, and I’m blown away by how people literally just are so thankful for a movie that they feel, brings hope, brings joy, brings laughter to their world. And so I can’t deny that that’s something that I have to listen to.”

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