John Rich Among Conservative Voices ‘Muzzled’ by Social Media Platforms

Photo from John Rich’s Instagram

John Rich Among Conservative Voices ‘Muzzled’ by Social Media Platforms

By Movieguide® Staff

Country singer John Rich responded to big tech’s purge of conservative voices from media. Rich noted how media platforms “muzzled” his and fellow country stars’ media accounts. 

“The list of country artists calling me is growing by the day who are saying they’re being ‘muzzled’ by the industry when it comes to them expressing their frustration and anger about the targeting of conservatives, and suppression of free speech by the powers that be. #BlackBall,” the Big & Rich singer wrote on Twitter.

Rich is not the first conservative to express his frustration at Twitter–and other big tech companies–over the ban of President Trump’s social media accounts.

Besides suspensions, Rich and other prominent conservatives on social media experienced significant losses in their follower counts.

“Lost 10k followers in 12 hours,” Rich tweeted. “It’s an honor to be attacked for professing my loyalty to God, Country and family. If big tech liked me, I’d take it as an insult. #OnwardChristianSoldiers.”

Rich, 47, also pointed out Twitter’s hypocrisy and questioned why he could follow Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei and not the United States president. 

“Folks, you can’t follow the President anymore, but you can still follow the leader of Iran. The biggest supporter of international terrorism in the world. Let that sink in…” Rich wrote.

Twitter said it canceled Trump’s account following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot due to the “risk of further incitement of violence.”

Rich is not the only victim of big tech censorship.  

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A common theme that runs through Twitter’s conservative purge is the loss of followers. While McAleer and McElhinney’s account was active after a few hours, the conservative filmmakers said they lost followers.

“What on earth is happening at Twitter? In less than a few hours, we’ve been: 1. Banned 2. Reinstated 3. And now it says we have no followers,” the duo wrote.

Matt Walsh, a conservative journalist, and columnist for The Daily Wire, also lost followers in the wake of Twitter’s ban of the President.  

“Twitter embarked on what appears to be a massive purge of conservative accounts, as conservatives with large followings experienced significant drops in their follower counts. I lost around 25,000 in the span of two days, which doesn’t come close to winning the prize for the steepest fall,” Walsh wrote.