Leigh-Allyn Baker on Making Faith-Filled FAMILY CAMP: ‘The Best Film Experience I’ve Ever Had’

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Leigh-Allyn Baker On Making Faith-Filled FAMILY CAMP: ‘The Best Film Experience I’ve Ever Had’

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a recent interview about her starring role in FAMILY CAMP, Leigh-Allyn Baker shared details about the movie’s production and how much she enjoys making family-friendly content. 

Baker played an overworked mom named Grace who brings her family to church camp in an effort to help them reconnect.

“I got a call from my agent and had an audition,” Baker said of how she got her part in FAMILY CAMP. “I really identified with the character of Grace, not because she shows so much grace, but because she is actually given so much grace. And I also was excited by the challenge of walking that line with her of just learning and getting a new stronghold in her faith and wanting her family to come on, and also found it a bit weird and awkward and funny at the same time.

“She can’t control or influence how her family is, interacts and their lives,” the actress continued. “What she realizes at the end is that…she’s not strong enough and that God has a bigger, better plan. So, she just learned to surrender.”

Baker also talked about how her role in Disney’s GOOD LUCK CHARLIE helped her realize she wanted to make family-friendly and faith-based content. 

“I started out in really family programming, obviously, with Disney Channel,” Baker shared. “That’s where I had a lot of my success. And I really learned to love it. I was not happy when I was first cast in GOOD LUCK CHARLIE, because I kind of thought that Disney is where adults’ careers go to die. Then I got involved and I really loved working with kids.”

“And we just had a really great cast and a really great group of people to work with. When that ended, it was a pretty simple transition to go to faith-based because there weren’t a lot of family films out there,” she explained. “I’ve done a few Christmas faith-based movies, I did one called WISH FOR CHRISTMAS. And I really enjoyed all my experiences on the faith-based films, but particularly this one really got me.”

Baker called working on FAMILY CAMP “the best film experience I’ve ever had.”

“To be able to go to a job that is so full of love and laughter and faith and worship on a daily basis was just directly heaven sent,” Baker concluded. 

Movieguide®’s review of FAMILY CAMP reads

FAMILY CAMP is a funny movie with many heartfelt moments. Some of the humor is over-the-top. However, just when it looks like the movie is getting too hokey, there are some excellent surprises and plot twists that keep viewers glued to the movie. In terms of foul language and sex, the movie is very clean. The violence is slapstick, however, and slightly mean spirited in a couple places, such as when Eddie practices his chiropractic skills on other people. FAMILY CAMP has a lot of good in it, however. For example, it teaches how to love your wife and how to love your husband, how children should be appreciated for who they are, the importance of faith, getting over pride, learning how to forgive, and much, much more. MOVIEGUIDE® commends the cast and crew of FAMILY CAMP for creating a joyful, heartwarming comedy for the whole family.