MOVIEGUIDE® Supports Work of Filmmakers Who Are Promoting Multi-Cultural Compassion, Reconciliation, Redemption


MOVIEGUIDE® Supports Work of Filmmakers Who Are Promoting Multi-Cultural Compassion, Reconciliation, Redemption
by Diane Howard, Ph.D.

Daily there is leading and breaking news about the good work artists and filmmakers are doing to promote multi-cultural understanding, compassion, reconciliation, and most importantly eternal redemption.

In our nation and world troubled by racial unrest, violence and increasing tragedies in loss of precious human life, artists and filmmakers continue to lead the way in promoting multi-cultural understanding, reconciliation, and redemption. Through film and streaming that is often free to the globe, artists and filmmakers reach the hearts, minds, and souls of audiences world-wide to make the compelling, captivating, and engaging case that every human life is of value and worthy of care, nurture, support, and most of all redemption. The arts help audiences celebrate diversity, while encouraging unity.  Further, the arts uplift, inspire and give hope to audiences.

Artists have always been on the forefront of encouraging, fostering and facilitating multi-cultural understanding, compassion, and appreciation; but today more than ever their entertaining, educational and enlightening gifts are increasingly available to the world through movie and streaming technologies. 

Netflix is one of the leaders of the many streaming sources that provide a plethora of positive and constructive programming that fosters multi-cultural understanding, reconciliation, and redemption. provides recommendations for good choices for families on Netflix. They also provide valuable reviews for Netflix DVDs. reviews Netflix, streamed, dramas that foster multi-cultural appreciation and understanding, as well as morality and redemption: “Children of Heaven,” “The Journey of August King,” “Down in the Delta,” “Leap Year,” “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” and more. Further, reviews Netflix’s streamed movies that bring the Christian Gospel and universal redemption to good stories: “October Baby,” “The Passion of the Christ,” “A Man Called Peter,” “Son of God” and more.

Today, audiences around the world have increasing access to the best of artistic performances by the best of artists to bring eternal beauty, hope and eternal redemption to their lives. Today filmmakers are giving artistic gifts to our nation and world that are facilitating desperately needed reconciliation, redemption and revival of eternal hope and truth is in the ongoing, ever-improving and ever-growing Renaissance of artistry and Reformation of content in redemptive films ( for theaters, DVDs, television, and most importantly streaming).

We are seeing improving quality and content in faith-based movies in theaters such as “War Room,” “Captive,” and “Woodlawn” (which will all likely stand the test of time on DVDs and streaming with many other redemptive movies with universal themes, appeal, and staying power). provides reviews for these redemptive movies as they do for many redemptive, family movies, along with news stories, interviews, trailers and more.     

The top-selling movies and DVDs have themes of redemption and reconciliation.  October 30, On DVD that the “War Room” continues after many weeks as the top-selling DVD in all categories, although it is available on DVD pre-order. “War Room,” that is about prayer and family reconciliation in an African American family (which has universal appeal for all families) is still in theaters. Other redemptive movies that have been top-sellers on DVD and that also encourage multi-cultural appreciation and reconciliation include the popular sports movies: “Woodlawn,” “McFarland,” and “When the Game Stands Tall.” These DVDs are all top choices for a range of ages as redemptive, reconciling, family movies with broad appeal for multi-ethnic audiences.

Artistic gifts that are divinely given and largely available to the world through film and streaming technologies are bringing the following to our needy world: compassion, understanding, unity in the midst of diversity, reconciliation and most importantly eternal redemption. 

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Editor’s note: Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies),