NCIS’ Wilmer Valderrama Discusses Gibbs’ Fatherly Role and ‘Controversial’ Season 18 Finale

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NCIS’ Wilmer Valderrama Discusses Gibbs’ Fatherly Role and ‘Controversial’ Season 18 Finale

By Movieguide® Staff

In episode 12 of Season 18 of CBS’ NCIS, Special Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) will be just as surprised as fans when his MIA-father, played by Steven Bauer, shows up and reveals his complicated past.  

“We didn’t really know much, because Torres doesn’t really offer much up about his personal life,” Valderrama told TV Line in an interview. “He doesn’t open the door on what journey he lived before he got to NCIS. His identity is a little mysterious, right? And that has been on purpose, by design.”

“But in this episode, we’re going to unravel way more than Torres is going to be comfortable with!” Valderrama continued. “You are really going to understand why Torres has that chip on his shoulder, and where he got this idea that he can just not be emotionally attached to anyone. You’re going to learn more about where he came from, what type of life he led when he was a kid… What’s exciting about this episode is it pulls back layers and layers of subtext that for years now the fans have been asking about.”

For Special Agent Torres, Gibbs—who is played by Mark Harmon—has taken the father’s role.  

“Gibbs has become really an ‘accidental father figure’ to Torres,” Valderrama said. “For a time, Torres had no real direction as he was just going from mission to mission, and Gibbs gives him a family, one like he never had.”

He continued: “To be honest, Gibbs in the past couple of years has been more of a father to Torres than anybody else… This week’s scene — without giving away anything that it is built on — is kind of a commemoration of the unspoken bond they have. And you will see where that relationship goes from here; it’s a bit of a beacon of things to come.”

Valderrama also teased that the Season 18 finale will be “controversial” but that it will also answer many questions and be “a real, explosive finale that a show whose loyal audience shows up live for deserves to see.”

“I mean, we’re going to give people a lot to talk about. I’m not one to do the “You have to wait and see!” hype, but man, this episode is really unpredictable. I promise you that you’re not going to see any of this coming,” Valderrama said.

Movieguide® recently reported on NCIS confirming the 19th season: 

NCIS fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as CBS has confirmed the nineteenth season and its titular hero and the show’s executive producer, Mark Harmon. 

The news dispelled rumors that Harmon’s run on NCIS would come to an end after season 18.