Pro-Life Filmmaker to Create Platform That Upholds Christian Morals

Photo by Andres Jasso via Unsplash

Pro-Life Filmmaker to Create Platform That Upholds Christian Morals

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Marcus Pittman, a pro-life activist and filmmaker, launched a campaign for a new streaming service called “LOOR” with an accompanying tagline that reads: “Family-Funded Entertainment.”

Pitman’s decision to establish the streaming service took shape in a matter of weeks after Amazon removed his pro-life documentary, BABIES ARE STILL MURDERED HERE, despite the movie’s positive reviews.    

“There has to be some better solution for Christian artists to make films,” Pittman told Faithwire. “So when ‘Babies Are Murdered Here’ got banned, that is what really made me start thinking, ‘Hey, what are some other viable alternatives with quality, good streaming, and that pays creators really well for their content.’”

Another catalyst for Pitman’s creation of LOOR came after the popular streaming service Netflix released the French film CUTIES.  Many Netflix users canceled their subscriptions due to the streaming service’s refusal to ban CUTIES, despite the movie’s sexual exploitation of underage, prepubescent girls.

Pitman said the controversial film and the moral outrage directed at Netflix accelerated his alternative streaming service venture.  

“Where are [those subscribers] gonna go?” he said. “Where am I gonna get crime documentaries? I have to cancel Netflix, but I’m gonna lose all my crime documentaries, which are actually pretty decent. They don’t offend me; I love those things.”

Pitman is adamant about creating quality entertainment that holds to family-friendly values and Christian morals.  Pitman said LOOR could be a “true competitor” that sets a new standard for entertainment not upheld by other primary streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime.  

“We’re building the streaming platform that empowers creators creatively and financially, while entertaining families of all age groups. We are not an alternative, we’re a standard that will transform the way people make content,” LOOR’s website reads. 

Pitman said he is encouraged by the responses already garnered by LOOR and believes his new streaming service has the opportunity to make a real difference.  

“I think it’s possible and I think the reactions to the trailer [for LOOR] actually demonstrate that there is that market there,” Pittman said. “There is a desire to build this thing.”

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