Pure Flix Entertainment Rebrands to Pinnacle Peak Pictures Ahead of New GOD’S NOT DEAD Installment

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Pure Flix Entertainment Rebrands to Pinnacle Peak Pictures Ahead of New GOD’S NOT DEAD Installment

By Movieguide® Staff

The faith-based studio Pure Flix Entertainment, known for THE CASE FOR CHRIST and UNPLANNED, changed their name to Pinnacle Peak Pictures ahead of production for the fourth installment in the GOD’S NOT DEAD series, GOD’S NOT DEAD:  WE THE PEOPLE.

Pure Flix Entertainment’s rebranding to Pinnacle Peak Pictures comes after Sony subsidiary Affirm Entertainment acquired the Pure Flix subscription VOD service late last year.

Even with the acquisition, the deal will see Pure Flix’s subscription video on demand hold onto its name and run as a separate company. However, Affirm is no stranger to uplifting and faith-based content with titles such as MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN, the Kendrick Brothers’ WAR ROOM, and 2017’s animated re-telling of the Nativity, THE STAR.

Pinnacle Peak Pictures will remain as one of the leading independent studios for the production of family-friendly movies.

Along with the GOD’S NOT DEAD franchise, Pinnacle Peak Pictures has produced, acquired, marketed, and distributed more than 100 movies, including many Movieguide® Award winners and nominees such as UNPLANNED, DO YOU BELIEVE? and UNBROKEN: PATH TO REDEMPTION.

David A.R. White, who has starred in and worked on many Pure Flix movies, returns with William Forsythe, Antonio Sabato Jr., Judge Jeanine Pirro, and Christian singer Francesca Battistelli for GOD’S NOT DEAD:  WE THE PEOPLE.


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Written by Tommy Blaze, the movie will follow Reverend Dave (White) as he helps defend Christian families after local government officials call into question the viability of homeschooling.

“Believing the homeschool children are receiving an inferior education and potentially being unfairly religiously indoctrinated at a young age, the families are ordered to enroll their children in the public school system or face exorbitant fines and contempt of court. Despite the government’s interference and demands, the Christian families decide to fight for their right to educate their own children. Reverend Dave and the resistant families are invited to Washington to testify in a landmark congressional hearing that will determine the future of public (and private) education in our country for years to come,” the synopsis reads.

With new content on the horizon, money, and Sony’s name behind future projects, the president of Nashville-based Aspiration Entertainment Erik Lokkesmoe claims this is the next big step in faith-based entertainment.

“Today, more Christians are watching Netflix and Disney+ than any self-described ‘faith-based streaming service,'” Lokkesmoe said. “But there’s no better leader than Sony Affirm led by Rich Peluso to try to compete. They have the credibility and size to be taken seriously by everyone: trade publications, industry producers, and the audience.”