SAG Strikes Over Concerns with the Future of AI

Photo from SAG-AFTRA’s Instagram

SAG Announces Strike Over Concerns with the Future of AI

By Movieguide® Contributor

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) went on strike, partly due to concerns over artificial intelligence, more commonly known as AI. 

“Studios had asked for the ability to scan the faces of background artists for the payment of one day’s work, and then be able to own and use their likeness ‘for the rest of eternity, in any project they want, with no consent and no compensation,” Duncan Crabtree-Ireland told BBC. 

Because of this, the Screen Actors Guild decided to strike. The production of movies and tv shows will now be paused. If not quickly resolved, it could lead to a huge delay in movies and tv shows. Release dates will need to be pushed back in order to continue the production process. 

What does this mean for the world of entertainment?  

According to Dan Murrell, this means that narrative movies and TV shows will be put on hold. 

“As for the actors themselves, no on camera work is allowed in any capacity for a movie, broadcast, or streaming narrative program. That also means that any movies or show using SAG actors is essentially shut down.” 

This could lead to a hold on content coming out of the entertainment industry, much like how COVID did.  

With the writers also on strike, movies can no longer create stories or perform them for the camera. 

However, there are some big named shows that will still continue.

According to The News International, HOUSE OF THE DRAGON is produced in its entirety, in the UK. These actors work with a different union and can continue to work. 

Independent movies can also continue in the production process. These movies, however, are not the big budget movies that excite a lot of people. 

However, any big budget productions are no longer allowed to be produced. Several movies and shows are scrambling for exemptions, but very few have been granted.