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Danny DeVito stars in RENAISSANCE MAN as an out-of-work advertising executive recruited to "serve his country" by teaching an English course to a group of blockhead army recruits. RENAISSANCE MAN is an entertaining movie plagued by numerous obscenities and profanities, along with a humanist worldview, alcohol use, and two obscene gestures.


(H, LLL, A, B) Humanist worldview; 54 obscenities, 9 profanities & 2 obscene gestures; alcohol use; and, implied biblical principles & one direct reference to the Bible.

More Detail:

In RENAISSANCE MAN, Danny DeVito stars as Bill, an out-of-work advertising executive recruited to “serve his country” by teaching an English course to a group of blockhead army recruits. In the process of transforming the recruits into diligent students and soldiers, Bill soon discovers that his method of teaching HAMLET does not exactly comply with military regulations. As the class progresses, the recruits gain the self-confidence they need to make it through basic training. Also, Bill learns some valuable lessons himself and rediscovers how to put passion back into his own life.

RENAISSANCE MAN is rich with biblical themes, although they are not recognized as such in the movie. There is a direct reference to the Bible when, after quoting the Bible, one recruit says, “Even Shakespeare has his superior.” It is unfortunate that Bill believes knowledge is the greatest power in life, when, in fact, true knowledge and wisdom cannot be obtained apart from God, who is the greatest power in life. DeVito, in his first comedy role since TWINS, does an excellent job of being both hilarious and caring. The film is plagued with obscenities and profanities, a humanist worldview and alcohol use.

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