Content: -2 Discretion advised for adults.

What You Need To Know:


Several obscenities and profanities; breaking and entering; bank robbery; and, violence

More Detail:

In ALMOST AN ANGEL, small-time burglar Terry Dean gets hit on the head and wakes up convinced he is almost an angel with good deeds to do. Sensing his untimely demise, Dean apologizes to the Almighty: “I planned to get very religious before I died.” Despite Dean’s shortcomings, God gives him another chance.

Dean’s criminal mind reforms as he now uses his electronics’ expertise for good instead of bad. Visiting a church, he tells the priest he is an angel and contributes $62,000 (from his last bank job) “for the needy.” Soon, Dean starts reading the Bible and looking for signs from heaven.

Dean hitches a ride in a “Moses Brothers” truck and soon meets Steve, a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair, in a bar. Steve feels touchy and paranoid and is filled with self-pity, but Dean gets in a chair and fights Steve on his own level, thus proving to Steve that he is still a man despite the wheelchair.

In gratitude, Steve invites Dean home where he meets his sister, Rose. Dean discovers that Steve and Rose are involved in a run-down teen recreation center.

Seeing an opportunity, Rose and Steve draw Dean into their project to fix broken video games. Once they are repaired, Dean teaches some of the boys to box. He strenuously cautions them (once aware of Rose’s presence!) against dirty boxing.

A turning point comes when Dean, via his electronics’ skill, provides George, a wealthy recreation center patron, with signs from God to persuade him to give generously. When George’s disconnected TV comes on and a preacher urges him to give to the children, his wife exclaims: “It’s a word from the Lord!” Later, Dean escorts George from his car at night and a cross on the church steeple lights up, a sign that assures George he is doing the right thing.

ALMOST AN ANGEL contains profanity, but Dean apologizes to the Lord for slipping by starting to take His Name in vain. Also, the theology is flawed, in that: salvation is through the shed blood of Christ, not through good deeds; God does not give men a second chance after death; and, men do not come back as angels.

Overall, however, it is a funny film. As writer Paul Hogan informs, “In his own strange way, Terry Dean becomes a sort of hero. Though ostensibly a comedy, ALMOST AN ANGEL is a very uplifting film which makes a lot of points about how people should treat each other. It should make you laugh and make you cry, and make you feel good about the human race.”

ALMOST AN ANGEL is a delightful movie that will not only entertain, but possibly assist viewers in choosing a new perspective on life. According to producer Cornell, “I think the refreshing thing about the film is that in most movies these days when the hero has a problem he picks up a gun to solve it,” but here, “Terry Dean puts down the gun and solves his problems without a gun.” Unfortunately, the profanity and obscenity will put ALMOST AN ANGEL off limits to many.

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