(H, LL, SSS, NN, M, A) Humanism; 17 obscenities & 7 profanities; scene of young men watching videotape of one of them having sex with unsuspecting girl & graphic scene of sexual intercourse with prostitute; upper female nudity; callous, indifferent attitudes; and, alcohol abuse.

More Detail:

The film WATCH IT bills itself as “a twisted tale of modern love,” and portrays the confused and lost lives of its three male characters, and their search for meaning in their lives. Michael, Rick and Danny share a house in Chicago. John, Michael’s cousin, comes to live with them so he and Michael can heal an old hurt between them. It seems that as children, Michael and John had been raised as brothers when Michael was taken away from his alcoholic mother. When John’s mother died, Michael had been handed over to his own mother–a fate that John promised Michael would never transpire, and on some level Michael has never forgiven him. Michael is a cold man who uses women for his own pleasure. When Michael proposes to Ann, John realizes he doesn’t love her, but is getting back at him. A subplot develops around Rick and Gina, who carry on a tempestuous sexual relationship. It is thwarted because of Rick’s fear of life and commitment.

The bottom line in WATCH IT is that the characters look to others to solve their emotional problems, and the title comes from the practical jokes the characters play on each other. It also suggests caution with regard to the actions of the human heart. This is a thoughtful film marred by vulgar language, coarse, insensitive attitudes on the part of all but one of the male characters and a graphic, explicit sex scene between Michael and a prostitute.

Quality: - Content: +1
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Quality: - Content: +1