Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

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Blasphemy, sacrilege, misquoting Scripture and ridiculing of Christianity; revenge; full frontal female nudity; and, sexual lewdness and innuendo.

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A comedy in the vein of AIRPLANE and THE NAKED GUN, which were satires, respectively, of airport and detective movies, REPOSSESSED is a satire of THE EXORCIST.

The movie opens at the University of California at Chicago where Father Mayi (“yes, you may”) is recounting for his class how he has once again recently battled Satan. He tells how he and a fellow priest, convinced of a really genuine possession, obtained permission from the Catholic Church to perform an exorcism.

Permission is granted, but a problem remains. The Church is taking part in an interfaith exchange that brings into the limelight a Jim and Tammy Bakker parody, here named Ernest and Fanny (along with FuFu the pink poodle). Much to Father Mayi’s chagrin, the Church wants Ernest and Fanny to televise the exorcism so that they can make money.

Father Mayi, who suffers from a heart condition, goes to the gym to get in shape in order to have a better chance of defeating Satan. (Pumping iron is apparently the world’s equivalent of “putting on the whole armour of God”). While at the gym, the Father wants to increase his cardiovascular endurance, but it really has no effect. He is more interested in staring and lusting after a very full-figured woman also exercising there.

It is soon made clear that Satan wants nothing to do with the victim he has repossessed, but is only using her as bait to get back at Father Mayi. Father Mayi and another priest arrive at the televised exorcism ready to do battle.

The exorcism itself is a take-off on THE EXORCIST. Father Mayi throws up green soup, and the demon, sitting up in bed, does Barbara Walters impersonations, before turning into a giant ice-cream cone proclaiming, “Lick me, lick me.”

Do not be tempted to laugh. The picture has no respect for the Christian faith, and even makes the claim that all religions, whether Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, or African tribal, are of God. Furthermore, it is declared (by the priests, no less) that Satan can take possession of their souls if they are not strong enough. Salvation is insinuated to be through good works, and organized religion’s purpose is to entertain.

The only theologically-sound fact that REPOSSESSED makes is that Satan is a liar who tries to manipulate. Overall, the film crosses the line into distasteful sacrilege. Demon possession is nothing to laugh at or take lightly, and simply playing loud rock-n-roll music, because they “hate that stuff,” will not exorcise demons. Resist this film, like you would the devil.

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