Become Iron Man

Disney is coming out with even more toys to keep kids busy! Disney is launching a new line of toys called Disney’s Playmation. In, “The new line, called Disney’s Playmation, hits stores in October with the release of a forearm attachment called a “repulsor” that puts kids in the role of Marvel superhero Iron Man.” The game is designed to not only keep children busy, but active, while playing video games.

As for gameplay, reports, “The onboard voice of JARVIS — Iron Man’s computing system — guides children aged 6 and older through the first series of 25 missions, where they must use their imaginations to navigate different terrains, then use the repulsor to fire missiles, shoot beams and raise shields. Kids must physically jump or hide to dodge incoming attacks in order to progress and earn points.”

And the price? $120 for the initial Iron Man package, with more packages centering around the Avengers, Star Wars, and Frozen coming out over the next few years, and additional figures for $15 each. Definitely another money maker, but a great idea! (Not only for kids, but maybe even for adults!)

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