Yellin’ at the Puppet


Content: +1 Discernment required for young children.
Air Date:05/17/2017

What You Need To Know:

The opening scene in episode two of COMEDY ALL STARS opens with a joke by Sinbad about children annoyed by their nagging moms, but he uses the phrase “now your children want to kill themselves.” The routine continues, but the poorly worded phrase warrants some caution. Otherwise, the rest of the show is clean and suitable for young children to watch. The performing comedians Horrace H.B. Sanders, Patti Vasquez and Taylor Mason a.k.a. the Puppet Man are hilarious. Each comedian is fun, full of energy, and really funny. The comedians talk about being at church and hearing from God, with phrases like, “Oh, Lord,” “I’m blessed,” and “Thank you, Jesus.”

The second episode’s production quality is good and put together very well. The cameraman does a great job capturing viewer reactions, so the editing is smooth.


(CC, BB, L, M) Strong Christian, moral worldview with jokes about being at Church, and hearing from the Lord, comedians say “Oh Lord”, “I’m blessed,” “Thank you, Jesus,” positive references about family, some mild jokes about the body; no foul language, but comedian has a long joke about using the toilet at an airport; no violence; no sexual content; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking or explicit drug references; and, a brief off-the-cuff mention of “kids wanting to kill themselves” because of nagging moms and a vague drug reference.


105/17/2017Pilot Episode+1
205/17/2017Yellin’ at the Puppet+1

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