Legalize Golf Carts


Content: +3 Some minor questionable elements.
Air Date:08/31/2017

What You Need To Know:

In the second episode of SMALL TOWN, BIG MAYOR, Mayor Berry goes to the Mississippi state capitol to get a bill legalizing golf carts passed in committee. Meanwhile, Mayor Pro Tem Miss Ruth tidies up the mayor’s office and his to-do list by calling up citizens and telling them that they can handle basic chores, like changing batteries in smoke detectors, catching escaped pets, and moving appliances, without the mayor’s help.

Once again, the main characters of SMALL TOWN, BIG MAYOR draw in audience members with their hilarious charm. Viewers get to see a bit deeper into Mayor Berry’s mind, as he wakes up at 3 AM to help a citizen with her smoke detector and nervously prepares to give his speech before the committee. Miss Ruth utilizes her no-nonsense approach to keep the city running smoothly in his absence. The visual quality is very good, with some interesting shots in the capitol building. However, the scenes that take place at night are poorly lit and hard to see. Overall, this episode lives up to the promises of the pilot and keeps fans engaged in the happenings in the tiny town of D’Lo.

“Legalize Golf Carts” gently demonstrates several themes, such as the importance of being a servant-leader, learning how to say no, and working hard. It also gives an interesting glimpse into legislative procedure in Mississippi. The second episode remains acceptable for the whole family.


(BBB, PP, M) Very strong moral worldview, celebrates healthy, loving community, hard work, the value of family, and having the attitude of a servant, plus program celebrates Small Town USA; and, nothing objectionable.


208/31/2017Legalize Golf Carts+3