Netflix’s BABIES Provides Educational Research During an Infant’s First Year of Life

Screenshot via BABIES | Official Trailer | Netflix on YouTube

Netflix’s BABIES Provides Educational Research During an Infant’s First Year of Life

By Allyson Vannatta, Senior Writer

BABIES is a Netflix original docuseries that follows 15 babies learning and growing in their first year of life.

Each of the six episodes covers a different milestone in an infant’s life that is vital to their development.

The topics covered include the endorphins produced during pregnancy for both the mother and father, the composition of breast milk, a baby’s social life, food and nutrients, crawling and growing, first words, sleeping, and first steps.

BABIES gives the audience incredible amounts of research to learn more about how babies develop during their first year of life. All of the information is backed up by the scientists who have dedicated their lives to their research. In all cases the scientists give the audience an inside look into how they conduct their experiments and analyze their findings.

While the show may appear pro-family, there are a few things to note before watching it with yours.

A homosexual couple and their child are seen in the first few episodes.

There are also many instances where mothers are breastfeeding their children and the audience sees upper female nudity.

Finally, one episode shows a baby right after it’s born completely nude. There’s also one obscenity (hell) used when describing babies sleeping patterns and how the parent deals with them.

Overall, BABIES is very educational and provides insightful information audiences might not know about.

Parents should use discernment while watching the beginning episodes of the series as the nudity might not be appropriate for their family.