Backstreet Boys’ Brian Littrell Discusses Standing for Faith in ‘Secular Music Business’

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Backstreet Boys’ Brian Littrell Discusses Standing for Faith in ‘Secular Music Business’

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Musician Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys, known for iconic songs like “I Want It That Way” and “Shape of My Heart,” said that his first career path was to go into youth ministry; but God had different plans.

“I started in Christian music growing up singing in church as a four and five year old and I had an opportunity to go to Cincinnati Bible College where I was going to study youth ministry and music ministry on a vocal scholarship and that’s what I thought God had planned for my life,” Littrell told CBN in 2006. “I thought God had a plan for me to study youth ministry, music ministry but that was when he he used me in the secular world and the music business with the Backstreet Boys. I’m blessed and I’m fortunate and very lucky to have a God-given gift and be able to use it for Him.”

Littrell said that he is thankful for how his family and upbringing strengthened his faith now that his career is in the secular world.

“I think God has always held me accountable to a certain standard, growing up family and faith and my religion has always been the most important thing in my life and it’s never been it’s never been compromised, I would have to say, on behalf of the secular world of music business,” Littrell said.

Many celebrities profess Christianity early in their careers but are then caught up in their fame and success. Littrell noted that true faith means living it out and not just talking about it.

“Well talking about it and standing for it are two different things,” Littrell explained.  “I think as Christians we pray for doors to be opened in our lives and sometimes when they do we become hesitant in a way. We’re like ‘oh no, not now, on my time,’ and we need to step out in faith.”

“God’s provision in my life has been amazing,” Littrell continued. “Growing up with a heart condition and undergoing heart surgery in 1998 as a 23-year-old young man, God has always had these huge events that have happened in my life that have kept me so close to my family and my faith in Him.

“I think through the events in my life God has had, I wouldn’t say [just] His one hand, I think he’s just embraced me my whole life and he continues to do so even in this solo venture.”

After Littrell’s struggle with heart issues, he founded a non-profit called the Healthy Heart Club to help children and families live healthy lifestyles and take care of their hearts.

“We founded the organization in late 98 early 99 and we wanted to create an environment an for kids as well as families to live a heart-healthy lifestyle,” Littrell said. “Power I think is wisdom and having the right wisdom and knowing what to put in your body, knowing how to treat your body from the exterior standpoint, is what kids need to know.”

Littrell, who shares son Baylee Littrell with his wife Leighanne, said that teaching his son about the Bible and God is a top priority.

“I want him to have the best life that he can have,” Littrell said. “I want him to know God.”

In 2006, Littrell won a Dove Award for Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year for his rendition of “In Christ Alone,” and another in 2008 for “By His Wounds.”



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