Five Movies To Help You Endure Tax Day!


Five Movies To Help You Endure Tax Day!


Tax day is here and what’s a better way of….. enduring the “National Fund the Government Day” than watching a fun movie about liberty and freedom. If you watch closely at movies 2 and 3, you’ll notice hilarious gems jabbing at big government. Enjoy!




Quality: * * * *  Acceptability: -1

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS, starring Will Smith and his real-life son, is based on the true life and struggles of Chris Gardner as he attempts to create a better life for himself and his young son. One of the most inspirational movies of the year, the movie puts forth a strong message about a parent’s commitment to their child and that with hard work and a belief in one’s self, great things can be accomplished.


wont back down

  1.  WON’T BACK DOWN 2012

Quality: * * * *  Acceptability: +1

WON’T BACK DOWN is about a loving mother and a passionate teacher fighting to change their failing public school. WON’T BACK DOWN has a great free market message about fighting for perfection when the government allows for mediocrity, but the script could be more entertaining and dramatic.




Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +3

In MUPPETS MOST WANTED, Kermit the frog is mistaken for the world’s Number One Criminal, who fools Kermit’s friends so he can steal the Crown Jewels of England. MUPPETS MOST WANTED is a delightful romp for the whole family, with lots of songs and a lesson against being selfish, mixed with some satire of European socialism as seen through the eyes if an American eagle.




Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +1

PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR is a delightful, often hilarious animated feature where the lovable team of spy-crazy flightless birds must stop a mad purple octopus bent on the humiliation and destruction of all penguins everywhere. PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR is an excellent piece of family entertainment that’s fairly wholesome and contains really strong, heartwarming moral, conservative, and redemptive lessons for everyone.




Quality:  * * * *  Acceptability:  +3

A Frank Capra classic starring Jimmy Stewart, Jean Arthur, Claude Rains, Edward Arnold, and Harry Carey, this movie demonstrates the little guy can stand up to big government corruption. A watershed movie for the common man, it serves as an example that Big Government will not crush the human spirit. It continues to sound a call for ethics, morality and integrity in our highest offices.

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