How to get One Billion Hits on YouTube


By Evy Baehr, associate editor of MOVIEGUIDE®

The “Gangnam Style” video has now reached 1 billion hits. How is that possible? What is in this little wacky video that it has received the most amount of views in YouTube history? Well, honestly, we are not sure there is a direct answer to that question. We know that people have picked up the dance and have replicated it, to which others will see and say “what is this?” and be compelled to go see the video.  At the same time, people will say, “Wow this video has a billion hits, I gotta see what it’s all about.”  This too will lead to the same effect. That is what reeled us in.  So, is it just word of mouth?  Or is it the silly dance? Or is it the whole aesthetic? The creators are asking themselves the same questions, as the singer Psy wants to have the same success on his next single.  Movieguide® advises caution for the video in it’s slight resemblance to sexual gestures. Though this video has reached all over the world, it was made by a South Korean pop star.  South Korea is following the Hollywood trend of sexual themes in their media.  Movieguide® has just partnered with a South Korean group in helping to redeem the South Korean Film industry. Read more about the partnership at


Via the Hollywood Reporter

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