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Billionaire Music Mogul Credits Her Faith For Business Success

Photo from Monique Idlett’s Instagram

Billionaire Music Mogul Credits Her Faith For Business Success

By Movieguide® Staff

UNDERCOVER BILLIONAIRE: COMEBACK CITY recently featured music mogul and Christian Monique Idlett-Mosley as she embarked on a 90-day challenge to build a million-dollar company with just $100.

Idlett-Mosley is the founder and CEO of the technology fund Reign Ventures and the music mogul behind Mosley Music Group, which she runs in partnership with her husband Tim “Timbaland” Mosley.

Idlett-Mosley is responsible for managing One Republic, Nelly Furtado, and Chris Cornell and has generated millions of dollars through her business expertise.

For the mogul, though, it all comes down to God.

“For me, it was leading with my faith and going to the church because that’s what I know,” Idlett-Mosley told The Christian Post.

“I don’t know that I always understood it as me being led by faith, versus me just growing up in the church,” Idlett-Mosley added.

UNDERCOVER BILLIONAIRE provides a unique insight into how Idlett-Mosley runs a business. Idlett-Mosley used an alias when she arrived in Tacoma but revealed her true identity at the end of 90 days.

Idlett-Mosley still remembers when she formed a personal relationship with God before her business success.

“I grew up in the church, sang in the choir … But when I became a teen mother and was in college, I started looking at my faith very differently, as a very individual relationship with God and understanding the [blessings] we’re allowed to have, and what we should feel valuable of ourselves and trusting this process and trusting this journey, no matter what it looks like, in front of me,” she recalls.

Her faith in God assured her of her future and perspective on what is temporary and eternal.

“I absolutely took on this approach to life that no matter what it looked like, in front of me that that was just temporary. And it was never my future,” Idlett-Mosley said.

“If I prayed for something, I prayed for it once. I never revisited it because I trusted it that much. It could be a fire right in front of me in my life, I looked at it as ‘Oh, that’s just temporary. That’s not who I am. That’s not my future. Those aren’t my permanent circumstances.'” Idlett-Mosley added.

Idlett-Mosley is also passionate about the equality that comes from God, creating all human beings. She tries to emphasize that in the show and keep the focus on God.

“I think one of the most important things is understanding how powerful God designed us. People, we’re not our circumstances, we’re what the possibility is. And I think that if we look at life in that perspective, we do have a better outcome, we have better examples.”

She continued, “I just want people to trust their journey to trust their process. Understand that if you lead with your faith you are literally unstoppable.”