Bookguide: How To Escape the Sword of Islam

Quality: * * * * Acceptability: +4

Language: None

Violence: None

Sex: None

Nudity: None

AUTHOR: Robert Spencer

PUBLISHER: Regnery Publishing, Inc.

CONTENT: (CCC, BBB) Very strong Christian, biblical worldview contrasted with the evils of Islam.

GENRE: Non-Fiction


REVIEWER: Dr. Ted Baehr

REVIEW: THE COMPLETE INFIDEL’S GUIDE TO THE KORAN is great reading and must reading. New York Times bestselling author Robert Spencer carefully, thoroughly and insightfully exposes the malevolent nature of Islam and Mohammed. He proves Islam is not a religion of peace, as Christians and Jews would define it. The peace that the Muslims refer to only occurs with the complete world domination of Islam. Robert picks apart every Sura or passage in the Koran that anyone has used to commend Islam and shows that, in context, these Suras are destructive and malevolent.

The most frightening aspect of Islam that Robert carefully unpacks is the requirement to tuqwah, that is, Muslims are required to deceive disbelievers and unbelievers until they are brought under the harsh rule of Islam. Robert shows the Koran hates Christians and Jews and requires them to be subjected to dhimmitud (a special, humiliating kind of second-class citizenship involving taxes for Non-Muslims) and torture. There is no freedom of religion in Islam. There is no freedom of conscience in Islam. It is an incredibly confused religion, with Mohammed constructing it out of the bits and pieces of religions and philosophies he heard from the camel caravans, to adding his special revelations from Allah that allowed him to rape a little girl, steal the wife of a family member, and ruthlessly kill any person who didn’t like his religion or his rule.

Unless the West wakes up, it is going to fall under the sword of Islam. This is what happened in the Christian areas in Africa and in the Middle East. This book gives the answer and shows how to avoid the brutality of this malevolent faith.

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