Box Office Once Again Shows Movieguide® Knows What People Want To See

Box Office Once Again Shows Movieguide® Knows What People Want To See

Movieguide picks the winner at the box office time and time again. This time, it is even more clear than before.

Even though most every other reviewer criticized the EMOJI MOVIE, and praised ATOMIC BLONDE, Movieguide® gave a great review of the EMOJI MOVIE and a negative review to ATOMIC BLONDE, which had gruesome violence and graphic sex. The good news is that THE EMOJI MOVIE won out at the Box Office! The EMOJI MOVIE made $6 million dollars more than ATOMIC BLONDE, and placed second, while ATOMIC BLONDE placed fourth. Once again, Movieguide® knows that wise moviegoers do not want to see R-rated action movies promoting perverse eroticism.

Once again, we see moviegoers choose the Movieguide® recommended movie, enjoying the laughs and lightweight nature of an animated family movie.  While other critics said the complete opposite, Movieguide® knew exactly what the public wanted!

“The Emoji Movie” came behind another Movieguide® favorite “Dunkirk” this weekend. Even though Dunkirk may neglect some of the more fascinating aspects behind the real, historical, answer-to-prayer miracle at Dunkirk, “Dunkirk” has strong patriotic, uplifting moments and spectacular action, but no really lewd content, so it’s no surprise it still sits at Number 1 in its second week.

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