Candace Cameron Bure Shares Life Verse, Tara-Leigh Cobble on when God Says ‘No’

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Candace Cameron Bure Shares Life Verse, Tara-Leigh Cobble on when God Says ‘No’

By Movieguide® Staff

On the latest episode of Candace Cameron Bure’s new podcast, the FULL HOUSE and singer Tara-Leigh Cobble they tackled the question of why God says ‘no’ when we pray.

Bure and Cobble followed up in previous discussions about prayer and focused on moments in life where God says no to our prayers.

“I’m thinking of all of my things in life that I’ve prayed for that God has said no to,” Cobble told Bure after the question was posed to her. “And some of them have been big, like I did lose a sister to cancer. And just those things that are so hard to move through. And if we approach prayer as getting what we want, we approach prayer with a wrong understanding.”

“If I approach you and my only conversations with you are just to get what I want, don’t you feel a little used and manipulated by that?” she asked Bure. “But if I’m approaching you just to have a conversation with you, and maybe I get what I want, maybe I don’t, but I’m just approaching you because I like you and we’re friends, that’s a totally different way of relating to somebody.”

“When we approach God with a… ‘here’s my outcome and if you don’t give me this, then you’re not good,’ we’re treating God like he’s a vending machine,” she explained. “Here’s what I’m programming in and you better deliver this or else. We approach it as though it’s transactional
and not relational.But prayer is not about getting what we want. Prayer is about getting God.”

Cobble also noted that the Holy Spirit plays a major role in our prayer life.

“Through the process of interacting with him, the Holy Spirit, and you’ve mentioned this, the Holy Spirit does a work in our hearts,” she said. “We see the Spirit working in our lives through our conversation with God.”

“And sometimes we get a no,” she added. “My greatest comfort in this, even if I’m being really petty about my no, it’s comforting to me to remember that some of the most pronounced people in scripture got a no for things that they asked for.”

Cobble explained how the Apostle Paul, David, and even Jesus all received a no from God despite their prayer.

“The night before he died, Jesus was begging the Father, like, ‘is there any other way, any other way for broken humanity to be restored in relationship with the holy God, apart from my death on the cross? Is there any other way?’ Now Jesus knows there’s no other way. He’s prophesied his death. He knows this is how it goes, he knows that this has been the plan since before the world was created. And the Father says, ‘there’s no other way,’” she explained.

“So if you have gotten a ‘no’ from God for something that you’ve asked, you’re in good company,” she said. “And it doesn’t mean God is displeased with you and it doesn’t mean he doesn’t wanna hear from you. This is a relationship. And sometimes in relationships no is the answer.”

Bure also talked about her life verse, which is Esther 4:14.

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”

“I think of today—where I’m living, where I work in my industry—Candace, if you remain silent, relief and deliverance will arise from another place. Meaning, I’ll accomplish my will no matter what, I don’t need you. But, I can use you and… No one will remember your name,” Bure explained. If you remain silent, no one will remember. You and your Father’s house shall perish. But if you listen and you trust and you obey, who knows what I can accomplish through you.”

“That’s my verse ’cause I think about it as in the world that… In the industry that I’m in. Which is why I’m very outspoken about sharing my faith.”

Watch their full conversation below:

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